Blog Posts Published in 2021/August

Tue Aug 31 2021
Eye Care in Monsoon: What Needs to be Done?

Eye health during the monsoon season becomes highly important, specially for the ones who wear contact lenses. Listed here are a few eye care tips for the rainy season.

Fri Aug 27 2021
Can you use Optical Illusion for eyesight improvement?

Does Optical Illusion work in eyesight improvement? Read what experts believe on Optical illusions and its effects on eyesight improvement!

Mon Aug 23 2021
What Should You Know Before an Eye Exam for Kids?

In this article, Centre for Sight experts reviews the process and requirements for paediatric eye tests. Get your child ready for the next eye exam!

Fri Aug 20 2021
Tele-ophthalmology: What does it mean?

Have you ever thought of availing of ophthalmology services online? Read what it means for you, its process, and the benefits of teleophthalmology.

Tue Aug 17 2021
Retinal Tear Treatment to Prevent Blindness!

Read here why you should go for Retinal tear treatment to prevent blindness. A complete guide on its diagnosis & procedures from Centre for Sight.

Sat Aug 14 2021
What is SMILE Eye Surgery?

Are you a suitable candidate for SMILE eye surgery? Read this article to know what SMILE eye surgery is, its benefits and who can opt for this surgery.

Tue Aug 10 2021
Looking for an Eye Specialist in Kolkata?

Looking for an eye specialist in Kolkata? Here are top things to consider while choosing an Ophthalmologist for eye treatment.

Sat Aug 7 2021
Battle Inflammation with a Proper Uveitis Treatment

Having an inflammation of eyes (uvea)? Read this article on what causes Uveitis, symptoms, diagnosis, types & treatment for Uveitis.

Thu Aug 5 2021
What to Do During a Glaucoma Attack?

Have you or any of your closed ones, unfortunately, experienced a Glaucoma attack? Here is an expert guide on what to do in case of a Glaucoma attack!

Mon Aug 2 2021
Combat Corneal Changes with Keratoconus Treatment C3R!

Here’s a perfect guide on Keratoconus treatment C3R that includes treatment cost, advantages & disadvantages of C3R & precautions to be taken after surgery.

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