Blog Posts Published in 2020/July

Sun Jul 26 2020
Know why tears are healthy for you

Cry your eyes out: Know why tears are healthy for you People cry for a great variety of reasons. They cry for happiness, relief or fulfilment, as[..]

Mon Jul 20 2020
How does Diabetes affect your eyes?

How does Diabetes affect your eyes? Diabetes is defined as a metabolic condition that determines the body’s glucose usage. As per sources, India[..]

Fri Jul 17 2020
Cataract surgery – Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking of undergoing a cataract surgery? Here’s all the information you need In the field of ophthalmology, a cataract surgery is defined as a[..]

Wed Jul 15 2020
Corneal Transplant Surgery: Things to Expect Before, During, and After

Things to expect before, during, and after corneal transplant surgery Before knowing what corneal transplant surgery is and everything that it[..]

Thu Jul 02 2020
SMILE vs Contoura Vision: Which one should I go for?

You must have heard of laser eye surgery when it comes to vision correction techniques. Lasik, SMILE, and Contoura are different versions of laser[..]

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