Blog Posts Published in 2020/June

Sat Jun 20 2020
Eye care during COVID 19: Simple steps to prevent foggy glasses

We are living in the times of COVID-19. Work from home, wearing masks, gloves, and maintaining social distance has become the new normal. While some[..]

Wed Jun 17 2020
Reasons to go for ReLEx SMILE surgery over

Reasons to go for ReLEx SMILE surgery over Lasik Since the advent of Lasik eye surgery for vision correction, advancements in technology have always[..]

Mon Jun 15 2020
What is the Best – SMILE, LASIK, or PRK?

SMILE, LASIK, or PRK: What is the best? Have you long lived a life with spectacles and contact lenses? Do you wish to get rid of these temporary[..]

Mon Jun 08 2020
Does Your Child Blink Excessively?

Does Your Child Blink Excessively? Follow These Eye Care Tips For Children Does your child blink their eyes a lot? If yes, and he/she blinks more[..]

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