Blog Posts Published in 2019/July

Wed Jul 24 2019
Want to know the reasons for eye twitching?

Eyelids protect your eyes from many impurities like dust and other particles in the air. They are an important barrier between your eyes and anything[..]

Tue Jul 23 2019
Have a look at how OMEGA 3 is helpful for your Retina

It is not a surprise that one of the most critical aspects of your overall health is your diet. Even though the phrase, “We become what we eat”[..]

Tue Jul 23 2019
Do you think women are at greater risk of Age-related eye health problem?

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of all visually impaired and blind people in the world are women? Diseases such as cataracts and macular[..]

Wed Jul 17 2019
Do you know how to avoid eye strain from technology?

Technology has become an integral part of our lives in today’s world. Whether it be for work or for other reasons, the average person spends the[..]

Tue Jul 16 2019
Nutrients that will optimize your eye health

It is a pretty well-known fact that what we eat significantly impacts the health of our vision and our eyes. A bad diet and a lack of exercise are[..]

Mon Jul 15 2019
Have a look at the ways you can spot the symptoms of Cataract!

Cataracts are a common eye problem mostly related to ageing. It refers to a clouding of the lens inside the eye, which starts affecting vision as[..]

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