Blog Posts Published in 2018/Aug

Mon Mar 19 2018
Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers

By staying active towards eye care during the hot summer months, you can minimize the risks of getting an eye infection or other eye...

Mon Mar 12 2018
10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace

10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Workplace. Like take a 20 sec. break, Blink more, Use Prescription eye wear, Adjust monitor brightness, Ensure proper lighting, Adjust the screen resolution, correctly position your monitor, Minimize glare, Massage your eyes, Vitamins intake.

Mon Mar 19 2018
Financial Year Closing & Eye Stress! Here Are Few Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Take A Break From Your Screen If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then it’s time to shift your focus and...

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