5 Things to remember when you wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses nowadays are the most convenient way to correct your vision but most of its users are not aware of their safe use. Millions of contact lens wearers worldwide are at an extended risk of using lenses which are not properly cleaned and disinfected thereby increasing the risk of eye infections. Here are some Read More

What do your Eye Colours say about you?

Everyone is different and so is their eye colour. But who decides what colour you would acquire on birth? Answer might not be that straightforward as there are several accounting factors. These are some of the aspects observed among people with different coloured eyes. Let’s have a look. 1) Colour of your Iris The distribution Read More

10 Things You Must Take in Your Diet to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

To have a great vision is everything. But unfortunately, many people suffer from poor eyesight, distorted vision, or have difficulty seeing objects close up or at a distance. To take proper care of your eyes, a person needs to include the vital nutrients needed for healthy eyes. Here are some of the food items that you Read More

6 tips for a 6/6 Vision

While many people succeed in implementing healthy changes in their lives, they tend to forget to take any constructive steps for the health of an important organ – THE EYES. To protect your sight and enjoy a lifetime of healthy vision, follow these 6 tips for eye health listed below. Healthy diet, Healthy Eyes Eating Read More

10 facts behind the darkness

Blindness, the most severe form of visual impairment, reduces people’s ability to perform everyday tasks and affects their quality of life.Have a look at these 10 things about blindness which you should be aware of. Did you know? about 2,850 lakhs people are visually impaired worldwide out of which 390 lakhs are blind and 2,460 Read More

8 Reasons why Dad needs to get LASIK

There are lots of things the family expects from dad to do and responsibilities double when there are Children in the equation. Have a look at the following situations where LASIK can help a dad carry out his activities effortlessly. Playing Video Games Nobody is too old to play video games. When I’m ready to Read More

Cloudy Weather is Pleasant, Cloudy Vision is Not

Most people wear sunglasses on a sunny day. But even on an overcast day, UV rays can pass through clouds and damage your eyes. And not just at the beach. Like sand and water, fresh snow can also reflect UV rays on a cloudy day, thereby increasing your risk of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration Read More

What Technology brings to Future of Eye Care

Ten to Fifteen years ago the tools available for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases were very different from the ones which are present today. There are newer technologies in the field of eye care that are worth mentioning. These advancements are scientific breakthroughs and are bound to make a huge difference in the overall Read More

Running is not only advantageous for health of heart, it benefits Eyesight as well

The importance of physical fitness is taught to us from an early age. Working out regularly and staying active, benefits each part of our body, lowers the chances of heart attacks, decreases the rate of obesity and related issues, keeps us more energetic the whole day and improves our overall health. Recent studies show that benefits from running Read More

Eye-Care Tips for Your Workplace

Job environments can be of different types, might be behind the work area or perhaps behind the wheel, but one common thing which requires protection is your eyes. When behind the desk, you are constantly facing the screen which results in eyestrain. Symptoms of digital eyestrain can include dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches. With Read More