Blog Posts Published in 2022/September

Fri Sep 16 2022
Keratoconus Eye Disorder: Types, Signs, & Treatments

Types of Keratoconus: Keratoconus (KCN) is a progressive bilateral corneal ectatic disorder. Know its types, signs & symptoms and treatment. Read the blog.

Tue Sep 13 2022
Eye Tumour Treatment At Centre for Sight

Individuals from all age groups can get affected by eye tumours and their supporting tissues. Learn what treatment options are available at Centre for Sight.

Sat Sep 10 2022
Eye floaters – Are these small spots in your vision dangerous?

Spots in your eyes are called eye floaters. Learn what types of eye floaters are dangerous and when to approach an eye doctor. Know the treatment options.

Wed Sep 7 2022
Can Color Blindness Be Dangerous?

Color blindness makes it difficult to distinguish between particular colors. Know the different types of color blindness, symptoms & signs, and treatment options.

Mon Sep 5 2022
Blue Light and Eye Health: What You Should Know!

What is blue light & how it affects your eye health? Know the causes & disorders caused due to blue light on your eye health. Learn about the treatment options.

Fri Sep 2 2022
What Happens When There's Blood In Your Eye?

Subconjunctival haemorrhage (conjunctiva) is a common type of eye bleeding. Know the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, & treatment options available. Read the blog.

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