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Your hunt for a professional, state-of-the-art, best eye hospital in South Delhi, ends with Centre for Sight, Safdarjung Enclave. Our experienced eye specialists in South Delhi centre ensure quality eye care, and we use advanced technology and medications to provide affordable treatment.

Following a holistic approach to prevent and rectify vision problems, our eye centre in Safdarjung Enclave specializes in Lasik surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, retina and uvea services, paediatric ophthalmology and squint, cornea services, neuro- ophthalmology, oculoplasty, and ocular oncology.

Super Specialities Available at Centre for Sight, Safdarjung Enclave:

Complete Refractive Solutions

Lasik Surgery

Using the latest technology and best practices, we ensure safe, quick, and effective Lasik surgeries.

  • EPI-LASIK for Surface PPK
  • Implantable Contact Lenses
  • Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Collagen Cross-Linking

SMILE Eye Surgery

Apart from Lasik, we offer SMILE eye surgery. SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticular Extraction. It is a highly advanced technology of blade-free laser vision correction, with even more precision than Femto-LASIK procedures that are widely done. SMILE is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction technology.

SMILE is also known as ReLex SMILE eye surgery. It is a fully automated next-generation procedure that is completed in a short time to give long-lasting and stable results.

Our highly experienced eye specialists in Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi centre perform this surgery with high precision and care. The surgery corrects myopia and also treats mild astigmatism with cylindrical power up to -0.5 only. Personalized Lasik techniques such as Contoura use the excimer laser, unlike SMILE, which works on the most advanced femtosecond laser platform.

Advantages of opting for SMILE procedure over the conventional Lasik treatment

  • No corneal flap creation
  • Less dry eyes
  • Better corneal biomechanics
  • Greater precision & stability
  • Fully automated & quick
  • Enhanced ability to see
  • Clear vision in low light

Key facts about Centre for Sight Safdarjung Enclave eye hospital:

  • Our eye hospital in Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi, is the first centre in Delhi-NCR, where a SMILE machine has been installed. An ultra-precise, ultra-safe and painless procedure that changes everything about vision correction.
  • CFS, the best eye hospital in Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi, is the only centre where the maximum number of SMILE eye surgery has been performed.

Cataract Surgery

With years of experience, our highly skilled eye specialists in South Delhi centre specialize in conducting the robotic femtosecond laser cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a quick and painless solution, and this procedure helps our patients completely regain their vision. This surgical process removes the clouded lens from the eye and replaces it with an artificial one, allowing the patient to see again.

Benefits of robotic femtosecond laser cataract surgery are:

  • Takes only 30-40 seconds
  • Ensures excellent precision and safety
  • Fully automated
  • Guaranteed better visual outcome
  • Quicker recovery.

Key facts about Centre for Sight Safdarjung Enclave for cataract surgery

  • Our eye hospital in Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi, is the first centre in Delhi-NCR to install robotic femtosecond laser
  • Safdarjung Enclave is the only centre where the maximum number of femto cataract surgeries have been performed.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma, often called silent thief of sight, usually is painless and doesn’t show any symptoms until noticeable vision loss occurs. Our eye clinic in Safdarjung Enclave provides treatment for glaucoma. Our glaucoma specialists do a comprehensive eye exam of the patient before offering any treatment option.

We have all the treatment modes available for glaucoma like medication, laser, and surgery. We have a team of experienced doctors specialized in planting glaucoma filtration devices, valves, and usage of vitreoretinal techniques to manage complicated glaucoma procedures.

Retina and Uvea Services

Our eye hospital in Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi, provides a spectrum of services for retina care. Using the advanced treatment technologies and creating an effective treatment plan for the patients, we work hard to find solutions to vision problems affecting the retina and uvea. We provide treatment for uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal detachment and its management. We house one of the best infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical equipment with a pool of experienced retina specialists so that you can be assured that you have done it right by choosing us.

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint

The treatment of vision problems persistent in children, such as strabismus, paediatric glaucoma, and paediatric cataracts, falls under the umbrella of paediatric ophthalmology. The key priority of our team of expert paediatricians is to deliver the best possible eye care to your children.

Cornea Services

CFS has a pool of best ophthalmologists in South Delhi who have years of experience dealing with diseases that affect the cornea. The disorders include corneal ulcers, keratoconus, and pterygia. After a successful diagnosis, they help the doctors find the best possible treatment solutions.

The types of cornea services we provide are:

  • Penetrating Keratoplasty
  • Lamellar Keratoplasty
  • Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK / DMEK)
  • Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
  • Neuro-ophthalmology

The eye specialists in South Delhi centre are qualified to treat patients who suffer from complex eye problems using the latest developments in the world of ophthalmology. We treat vision problems caused by diseases concerning the nervous system, and offer treatments for:

  • Optic neuritis (optic nerve inflammation)
  • Ocular myasthenia gravis
  • Optic neuropathy
  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
  • Optic disc edema
  • Brain tumours affecting vision
  • Unexplained visual loss
  • Double vision and headaches

Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology

Safdarjung Enclave

Specialities at Eye Hospital in Safdarjung Enclave

SILK Surgery

SMILE Eye Surgery

Contoura Vision Surgery

Lasik and Refractive Surgery

ICL (Intraocular Collamer Lens) Surgery

Computer Vision Syndrome

Cataract Eye Surgery

Understanding Retina & Uvea

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Eye Specialist In Safdarjung Enclave

Dr. Soumya Jena
Dr. Soumya Jena
Delhi, Guwahati
Lt Col (Dr) Satinder Singh Mann (Retd)
Lt Col (Dr) Satinder Singh Mann (Retd)
Gurgaon , Delhi
Dr. Prachi A Dave
Dr. Prachi A Dave
Delhi, Indirapuram
Surg Lt Cdr (Dr.) Prabhav Bansal (Retd)
Surg Lt Cdr (Dr.) Prabhav Bansal (Retd)
Delhi, Ghaziabad
Dr. Harsh Kumar (Padma Shri Awardee)
Dr. Harsh Kumar (Padma Shri Awardee)
Dr. Gaganjeet Singh Gujral
Dr. Gaganjeet Singh Gujral
New Delhi, Delhi
Dr. Aparna Agnihotri Tripathi
Dr. Aparna Agnihotri Tripathi
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Amazing support staff. I accompanied my father for... two cataract surgeries.He was very scared and confused about the procedures, recovery steps, etc.But the supporting staff at Center for Sight, especially Ajay Singh atSafdarjung Enclave facility was very helpful. He politely listened to myfather's questions, clarified any doubts and connected him to right doctors.This is just not only once, but at every follow up visits for two cataractsurgeries, he was amazingly helpful. Once, my father forgot to carry thenecessary treatment
Centre for Sight Eye Hospital (the one at Safdarju...ng) is a premier hospitalfor eye related problems. Dr. Mahipal is a wonderful doctor and all thedoctors know a great deal about latest eye treatments. The only thing isthat you need to have a deep pocket as their procedures are expensive.
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