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Are you rubbing your eyes too often? It may be Keratoconus


Dr Santosh
Dr Santosh
2 min read

Rubbing the eyes seems like a harmless thing to do that’s the reason why we do it regularly whatever the reason maybe. It stimulates tear to flow, lubricating dry eyes and removing dust. You might feel good after rubbing your eyes but it’s not the best thing for you. It might give you relaxation for small time but you end up damaging your vision and making yourself look older.

Excessive rubbing of itchy eyes can cause progressive thinning and shape change of cornea. It can also decrease the vision which can only be cured by surgery. Continuous eye rubbing in individuals can also lead to thinning of cornea which becomes more weakened and pushes the cornea forward to become more conical. It leads to distorted vision and need corneal graft. With eye rubbing comes many allergies along with it which can worsen the situation. It also increases the risk of pink eyes and other infections.

Keratoconus expert may prescribe eye drops which are preservatives free to stop the itch. If your eyes still itchy, try a cool pack preparing a gel eye-mask from the freezer can provide soothing relief from itchy eyes. This is considered to be a hereditary disease so eye rubbing becomes the risk factor among individuals who have genetic factors that may predispose them to develop the disease. You should always avoid rubbing eyes to make any disease worse and even if you don’t have any risk signs for any disease still it’s not a good idea to rub your eyes.