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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Pollution


Dr Varun Malhotra
Dr Varun Malhotra
4 min read

The level of pollutants present in the air we breathe is alarming. Mostly, we consider these pollutants to be harmful for our skin, respiratory system, and cardiovascular systems. Nonetheless, the pollution we live amidst of is causing a great harm to our eyes too.

Yes, the pollutants which are emitted from various industries in the form of dust, fumes, odors, smoke, are extremely dangerous for the health of our eyes. An excessive and regular contact with these pollutants causes problems like dryness, redness, and irritation in the eye. Other than dryness and redness, the most common symptoms of eye problems caused due to Pollution are watery eyes, Ropy discharge, itchiness, burning sensation, etc. Further, these minor eye problems can cause massive eye diseases or disorders.

Thus, we must always be a little extra protective about our eyes. Here are the 5 most prominent ways you can protect your eyes from pollution.

  • Use Protective Glasses or Shades

Every day, we come across people who use face masks to prevent the pollution from damaging their respiratory system. So, as the face masks acts for our lungs similarly, the glasses works for our eyes. Thus, we must always wear protective eye glasses or Sunglasses.

Especially when we are commuting through an open vehicle, or are in complete exposure to the harmful pollutants present in the air, It is important that we keep our eyes covered with the help of the sunglasses.

  • Do Not Rub your Eyes

Exposure to the pollutants present in the air causes a sensation of irritation in the eye. However, we must never rub our eyes under the influence of that sensation. Rubbing the eye can further enhance the irritation and cause a burning sensation to the eye. Also, rubbing the eye with bare hands can cause infections due to transfer of germs.

  • Be-friend your Eye Drops

The layer of moisture present against our cornea is helpful in preventing our eye against dryness, itchiness, infectious germs, and harmful pollutants. You must always keep your eye drops handy. Using the eye drops at regular time-intervals helps in keeping the eye moist and healthy. Moreover, lubricating the eye 2-3 times a day helps in relaxing the eye muscles.

  • Use Cold Compressors and Always Stay Hydrated

The inflammation caused to the eyes due to excessive exposure to pollution can be eased out with the help of cool compressors. A general cool compressor such as a clean cloth soaked in cold water comes handy when you need to get rid of the itchiness and inflammation of the eye. Another that this, you can also use some ice-cubes wrapped in a clean cotton cloth. Apply the cubes to your eyes and it can work wonder to cure the burning sensation caused by pollution.

  • Regular Eye Check-up is a must!

Do not overlook even a simple eye problem. Regular eye check-ups are a must to ensure the health of your eyes. Moreover, if the dryness in your eyes prevails for a long time and the remedies do not seem to provide comfort to your eyes then you must concern an ophthalmologist, immediately.

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