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5 Things to remember when you wear Contact Lenses


Dr Charu
Dr Charu
2 min read

Contact lenses nowadays are the most convenient way to correct your vision but most of its users are not aware of their safe use. Millions of contact lens wearers worldwide are at an extended risk of using lenses which are not properly cleaned and disinfected thereby increasing the risk of eye infections. Here are some tips for contact lens wearers to ensure that their vision stays clear and healthy.

1)      Follow Doctor’s Prescription

Always consult a qualified eye doctor (Ophthalmologist) before you decide to go for contact lenses to ensure that you are getting the lenses which are right for you.

2)      Applying and Removing Contacts

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before applying and removing your contact lenses. Do not let tap water come in contact with your lenses. And never use saliva as emergency contact lens solution. Always use a good quality contact lens solution.

3)      Make sure the lens not inverted

Just place the lens on your fingertip. If the lens forms a symmetrical “U” on your finger, it’s in the correct position and you’re good to go.

4)      Contact Lenses and Makeup

Getting makeup in your eye is annoying. But it’s even worse with contacts on, because it can stick to the lenses instead of flushing right out. To avoid getting makeup on your contact lenses, put them on before applying your makeup and conversely, be sure to take them out before you remove makeup.

5)      Beware of sleeping with contacts

Making a habit of sleeping with contact lenses can result in corneal infection, extreme pain, light sensitivity, or loss of vision. So always remove your contact lenses before sleeping.