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5 Simple Exercises to Strengthen Weak Eye Muscles


Dr Karan Bhatia
Dr Karan Bhatia
7 min read

Eye fatigue can be an amalgamation of different reasons affecting our lifestyle. One such example is that in modern days we get strained eyes due to our work environment as the nature of our work is now limited to desk work involving a lot of screen watching and no physical movement or exercise. This and many other factors can be responsible for increasing your risk of weak eyesight, blurred vision and lead to deteriorated overall health.

    • Exposure to Ultra-Violet Rays

1. Extensive exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun puts us at risk for major eye diseases like cataracts, and abnormal growths.

2. Wearing UV-protective sunglasses when you are outside will protect your eyes from damage and ensure that your eyesight will not go weak.

    • Wearing Old Contact Lenses

1. People who wear contact lenses should have a strict routine of ensuring their hands are always clean when they’re handing their contact lenses.

2. They should also ensure that the lenses or the solution they use aren’t past their expiry date.

3. Infections and diseases can often arise when we do not take care of our contacts.

    • Rubbing Your Eyes

1. It might seem counterintuitive but rubbing your eyes actually increases the chances of damaged eyesight rather than providing relief.

2. When we rub our eyes a lot, we spread dust and bacteria into them which can lead to vision problems later on.

    • Using Expired Eye Makeup or Products

1. A lot of people often forget to check the expiry date on eye makeup or products they use on a daily basis.

2. It is very important to check the expiry date on any product that we use for our eyes.

3. Using expired eye makeup or products can cause a lot of damage to our vision.

    • Smoking

1. Aside from being really bad for your general health, smoking can also cause a lot of vision issues.

2. Cigarettes increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

    • Staring at a smartphone all day

1. Staring at a digital screen all day puts a lot of strain on our eyes and can lead to weak eyesight.

2. Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain has become a large issue in today’s world as technology has become a core part of our lives.

    • Skipping your annual eye exam

1. Regular eye check-ups are our first line of defense against vision problems.

2. Diseases like glaucoma can be caught early during regular check-ups and its damage can be limited successfully.

3. Skipping your annual eye exam can have a massive impact on the health of your eyes.

    • Relying on redness drops

1. Eye drops that reduce redness in the eye can be really great but using them toomuch can have negative impacts on our eyes.

2. These eyedrops function by constricting our blood vessels and an over-reliance on them can cause damage in our eyes in the future.

To help you reduce eye fatigue and relax your eyes at work, below are some of the exercises which promise to improve the eye health. The best thing about these eye exercises is that they don’t take much time, require no equipment and are easy to do.

The Palming Exercise

This exercise is to relax your eyes and take away the stress. It is a short break where you cover your eyes with the cup of your palm and fingers on the forehead. Do not put too much pressure while placing your hands on your eyes. This exercise will help you rest your eyes and mind and take away the stress from your daily routine while working.

The Blinking Exercise

It is the epitome of laziness if someone needs to be reminded to blink eyes. When working with digitized media and poorer attention spans, blinking becomes a lost practice. Blinking is an exercise good for tired, itchy and dry eyes. Blink your eyes rapidly for about 5 seconds. You will feel immediate relief from the symptoms.

The Roll your Eyes Exercise

You are required to be seated comfortably. It is a 2 minutes exercise. Firstly roll your eyes in a clockwise direction while keeping your eyes open and then anti-clockwise. Do it slowly, trying to stretch the eyes as far as they can go. This exercise will make your eyes feel relaxed. Do this exercise for about 2-3 minutes and you would be able to focus much better.

The Hot and Cold Compresses

Take a bowl of cold water and hot water. Dip one end of towel or washcloth in each bowl. Then put hot compress first over your eyebrows and eyes respectively. Savor the warmth for at least 5 seconds and then move on to cold compress and let it there for 5 seconds. Do this routine for at least 5 times.

The Focus Shifting Exercise

Focus Shifting Exercise
This is another very simple exercise which can help in strengthening the weakened eye muscles. To start, focus on a nearby object for about 5 seconds. Then move on to distant objects and focus on it for another 5 seconds. This sporadic shifting gives strength to the eye muscles and refreshes them too. Initially, you might find shifting focus with your eyes quite difficult as your eyes have become Lazy. As you continue doing this day after day, you will find it much easier to do. Focusing on one object strengthens eye muscles and it improves concentration power. This is one of the natural ways of improving the strength of your eye muscles if you remember to change focus and move your eyes to encourage relaxation.