Winter Is Coming - 7 Eye Care Tips for the winter

Thu Oct 27 2016

As temperatures start to dip in winters, your main focus is on the fact of how to keep your body warm. Though we think that summer is the only time when you need to protect your eyes from glaring hot sun,it is equally important to keep your eyes protected during the winter season. The season of winter brings a whole slew of eye-related issues like eye irritation due to dry air and germs that come with the season. Have a look at the tips given below to take care of your eyes during winter. 1) Use UV protected Sunglasses Sunglasses aren’t meant just for summers because the UV rays coming from the sun are harmful to eyes irrespective of the season and temperature. It is only a myth that UV rays are harmful only duringsummers and not as harmful on cloudy or cold days. The sun doesn’t have to be harsh to harm your eyes. The truth is that they are more harmful when they bounce off pavements or objects in these particular days. So you are advised to use sunglasses that block 99-100% of UV rays to wear while walking or driving to protect your eyes from sunburn and eye problems. 2) Prevent your eyes from getting dried out The condition ‘Dry eyes’ is common in winters due to presence of cold and dry air. Cold leads to the use of heaters at home. While their purpose is to maintain a warm environment inside the home and at the same time safeguard against foreign materials from outside, they tend to make inside air dry. The more you use your home heater, the more likely your eyes will become dry as using the heater reduces the moisture present in the air, drying out your skin and eyes. This constant exposure to blowing dry, hot air causes eyes to become parched and irritated. Tears are evaporated more quickly in presence of dry air.The added irritation caused by dry air in winters becomes more painful if you suffer from chronic dry eyes. To avoid having dry eyes during the winter, drink plenty of water, stay away from sources of direct heating, use a humidifier to restore moisture to the air in your home or office, and use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to maintain eye moisture to counteract this common problem and make your eyes comfortable. 3) Use accessories to protect your eyes Wear hoodies, wraparound sunglasses or brimmed hats to protect your eyes and face from cold winds. Wraparound sunglasses help prevent your tear film from evaporating which is the reason for dry,irritated and scratchy eyes. 4) Protect yourself against infection At this time of the year, colds and flu have significant presence. So to avoid getting affected, you need to pay attention to cleanliness habits. Best practice is to avoid cross infection by properly washing your hands before touching your eyes. 5) Eat nutritious food to build immunity The best way to protect your eyes is to be strong from inside as well. Indulge in diet which contains nutritious elements for eyes. Carrots and spinach are such food items. 6) Don’t share eye makeup No matter how much you would like to share eye make-up with your friend or family, it may not be a good idea to do so. You might end up getting nasty viral, bacterial or fungal infection in eyes. Diseases like herpes simplex or conjunctivitis are common in this season. So avoid sharing or using makeup items with others. 7) Schedule eye exams with an ophthalmologist Regular eye check-ups are required to maintain good eyesight. Book an appointment with an ophthalmologist at Centre for Sight to check if you have any of the above symptoms or need prescription change for glasses or contact lenses.t button to change this text.  

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As temperatures start to dip in winters, your main focus is on the fact of how to keep your body warm. Though we think...
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