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Tips to protect your eyes during Swimming


Dr Charu
Dr Charu
2 min read

In the season of scorching summer heat, swimming looks like the most pleasing activity. It can help you rejuvenate and refresh your senses. However, you must ensure the safety of your eyes while enjoying the pleasure of an exhilarating dive into the water.

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body. The contact of eye with chlorine water of the pool can cause damage to the eyes. Following are some of the protective measures that can help you protect your eyes during summer.

1) Wear Swimming Goggles
Swimming with bare eyes can cause irritation and redness to the eye. It occurs due to the high content of chlorine in the pool water. Therefore, to avoid any eye problem you must always wear eye goggles while swimming.

2) Thoroughly wash your eyes after the swimming session
Thoroughly rinsing the eyes off after a swimming session is as important as taking a shower is for your skin. Splash your eyes well with cold water to get rid of the chemicals and dirt stick to and around your eyes.

3) Use Eye Drops
Swimming can cause dryness to your eyes. Therefore, Keep your eye drops handy and use them after swimming to lubricate your eyes. It will prevent eye problems and will help to keep your eyes healthy.

4) Drink a lot of water
Natural lubrication is extremely important for the eyes. Thus, to remain sufficiently hydrated is a major task. You must drink plenty of water before and after your swimming session to avoid irritation or dryness to the eyes.