7 Tips for Summer Eye Care

Mon May 01 2017

Summers and the scorching sun are nothing less than a deadly combination of fun and misery. Summers in India are always extreme. Nonetheless, we often try to be ready to combat the effects of the sun and heat. From choosing the best sun creams to draping our faces with beautiful scarves, what do we not do to help ourselves from tanning or harming our skin miserably? However, what about the other most sensitive sensory organ of our body? Yes, we are talking about our eyes. Eyes are equally prone to summer damage as our skin is. However, we often neglect eye care when it comes to the preparation of our summer care protective measures. It is the time we consider eye care solutions and measures as an important step for maintaining our beauty and health. Here are seven tips which should be followed during summer in order to secure the health of our eyes. 1)    It’s time to own effective protective eyewear Sunglasses are must-haves for our eyes in summer. Our eyes need protection against the contact of harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun because UV rays can severely damage our eyesight. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to carry sunglasses every time heading out in daylight. 2)    Make sure to choose the best quality of sunglasses While choosing a pair of sunglasses take a note of its quality. If the sunglasses are not of good quality then wearing them would not help the eyes. Therefore, while choosing sunglasses make sure that they are capable of protecting eyes from both UVA and UVB rays. 3)    Don’t dive into the pool without covering eyes In summers, no other activity feels as relieving as swimming. However, it is especially suggested to not dive into the pool with bare eyes. The amount of chlorine present in the water can be extremely harmful to the eyes. Therefore, next time when diving into the pool, do not forget to carry swimming goggles. 4)    Take note of the Hygiene Summer is the season of sweating, exposing us to all kinds of germs and bacteria, all day long. In such scenario, if we often rub our eyes with bare hands, the germs get in contact with the eyes. Thus, it leads to infections and allergies to the eyes. Therefore, for healthy eyes, take care of hygiene and wash hands more often. 5)    Keep eyes lubricated by using eye drops We often experience dry eyes and irritation in summers. It mostly occurs in people who spend a lot of time working outdoors in the sun. Excessive strain on the eyes may also cause pain. To get rid of this problem it is suggested to use eye drops on prescription. It will lubricate the eyes and eliminate the pain and dryness. 6)    Drink a lot of water Dehydration is a great trouble we often face in summers. It does not only lead to a lack of water content in our bodies but, it also leads to dry and irritable eyes. Dehydration causes incapability of the tear glands to produce enough tears to keep our eyes moist. Dry eyes can lead to further eye problems. Therefore, it is a must to drink plenty of water in summers. 7)    Allow the eyes the needed rest by sleeping well Studies suggest that people, who work for a span of eighteen hours or more a day, are more likely to experience weak eyesight. Therefore, it is important for us to allow our eyes the required rest. Read Also: Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers  

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Summers and the scorching sun are nothing less than a deadly combination of fun and misery. Summers in India are always extreme. Nonetheless, we...
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