Common Tests for Glaucoma

Thu Aug 09 2018

Glaucoma also known as "Silent thief of sight" is the eye condition in which optic nerve undergoes slow degeneration. It rarely shows any symptoms at initial stage as there will not be even any pain or redness of the eye. To be safe and accurate, you should undertake these following 5 tests regularly to detect Glaucoma at an early stage: Also Read: मोतियाबिंद इन हिंदी TONOMETRY – This test examines inner eye pressure and is done with the help of an instrument called tonometer. The air is puffed in eyes and the pressure is calculated according to that. This test will not take much of your time and is painless too. GONIOSCOPY – This test examines the angle where iris meets cornea in the eye. The instrument helps in viewing the front part of the eye and to determine whether the angle is narrow or open. This test also helps in determing if any excessive pigment is blocking the drainage of humor inside the eye. PACHYMETRY – The thickness of the cornea is checked with this test. Doctor uses ultrasonic wave instrument called pachymeter. If the central cornea thickness is thin then it is a strong predictor of Glaucoma. VISUAL FIELD TEST – This test is also known as Perimetry and checks the complete vision of the eye. It measures the entire area seen by the person forward looking and sideways. The doctor will be able to evaluate in this if your peripheral vision is getting lost. OPHTHALMOSCOPY – Also known as Dilated eye exam examines the shape and color of the optic nerve. It gives the complete evaluation of interior of the eye. This test will help in detecting if you have Glaucoma and of you have so how extensive it is. There are many other tests which helps in early detection of Glaucoma like OCT (Optic Coherence Tomography), etc. You should always keep tonometry and opthalmoscopy in your routine eye tests.

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Glaucoma also known as “Silent thief of sight” is the eye condition in which optic nerve undergoes slow degeneration. It rarely shows any symptoms...
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