Sat Feb 20 2021
An In-depth Guide To Retinal Detachment
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An In-depth Guide To Retinal Detachment
Sat Feb 20 2021
An In-depth Guide To Retinal Detachment

Retina, the innermost, thin tissue layer located near the optic nerve, is an important part of our eyes. It receives the light focused by the lens[..]

Thu Dec 05 2019
Retinal Detachment – A Flash is all that it takes!

Imagine it’s just a regular day and you are doing your daily chores, suddenly, you see a flash of light and maybe some floaters. You may feel a[..]

Wed Sep 25 2019

Are you suffering from blurred vision? Or are you seeing sudden flashes of light that appear when you look on the sides and floaters inside the eyes?[..]

Tue Feb 16 2016
Retinal Detachment – Cause & Cure

The light sensitive tissue lining the back of the eyes is known as Retina. It is responsible for converting the light rays into impulses that travel[..]

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