5 Facts You Should Know About Eye Cancer

The word cancer is devilish in itself. Moreover, when it affects one of the most sensitive organs, it gets even worse. In India, Eye Cancer is a highly comprehensive disease but is also fairly unknown. People are either unaware or possess very little information about the causes, symptoms, effects or even existence of this problem. As awareness is the first key to combat any problem, here we bring to you a set of facts which you should know about Eye Cancer.

To begin with, here is what Eye cancer is scientifically defined as; ‘It is the development of tumour due to the uncontrollable massing of cells, in any part of the eye.’

  • Statistics:Among every 5000 cases of eye cancer occurring worldwide, around 1000 of them occurs in India. That is why Eye cancer is a comprehensive disease in India. The age group that is most prone to developing the problem is between 0-4 years. That is, children are highly susceptible to be affected by any sort of eye cancer. However, the diagnosis of cancer can be delayed because there is very less scope to observe clear and relevant symptoms of cancer in the initial days.
  • Types of cancer: The range of symptoms observed in a case of eye cancer can be varied depending upon the type of cancer developed. On the basis of the origin of cancer, it can be classified into two types – Primary and Secondary. As the name suggests, secondary intraocular cancers are seeded in some other part of bodies and eventually effects eyes too as they develop. On the other hand, primary intraocular cancers are the ones primary developed in some part of an eye only. There are two primary cancers that are most commonly diagnosed in patients. In kids, it is Retinoblastoma and in adults, it is Intraocular Melanoma.
  • Causes: The causes behind the development of eye cancers, especially primary intraocular cancers such as retinoblastoma or melanoma – are not very vivid. A variety of reasons ranging from Heredity to excessive interactions with UV radiations are the possible noted causes. You can rather note certain risk factors which are more prone to developing eye cancer Such as the colorof iris, Outdoor activities in the sun, excessive eye strain, etc.
  • Symptoms: The symptoms visible on the development of eye cancer are contrasting in cases of adults and children. In adults – blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision, changing a color of the iris, sagginess and bulging eyes, pain and redness in the eye are few common symptoms. In the case of children – misaligned or cross eyes, whitened pupil(s), development of glaucoma and sever pain in the eye are the common symptoms.
  • Treatment: Eye cancers can be treated by three ways – Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy. The choice of the mode of treatment among these three depends upon various factors such as the type of cancer, size and vastness of cancer, the health, age and fitness level of the patient, etc.