Dr. Shilpi Diwan

Dr. Shilpi Diwan
Dr. Shilpi Diwan
15+ Years of Experience
Appointment with Dr. Shilpi Diwan

Specialties of Dr. Shilpi Diwan

SMILE Eye Surgery
LASIK & Refractive Surgery
Cornea Services
Ocular Surface and Dry Eye Disorders
Keratoconus Treatment
Computer Vision Syndrome

Qualification of Dr. Shilpi Diwan


- MS (Ophthalmology)

- Fellowship Cornea & Refractive Surgery (Aravind Eye Hospitals and PG Institute of Ophthalmology, Madurai)

Experience of Dr. Shilpi Diwan

- Specialises in Corneal Transplants, Lamellar Keratoplasties (DSAEK, DMEK, DALK); Refractive Surgeries: SMILE, LASIK, ICL (Phakic IOLs), Contura LASIK, PRK; Management of Keratoconus (Corneal Cross Linking, ICRS Implantation); Ocular Stem Cell Transplantation; Ocular Surface Reconstruction surgeries; Management of Ocular Trauma & Ocular Chemical Injuries, Management of Corneal Infections (Corneal Ulcers) and Ocular Allergy, Dry Eye Management

Research and Designation Dr. Shilpi Diwan

- Consultant Cornea - Venu Eye Hospital & Research Centre, New Delhi( 2010 -11).

- Consultant Cornea & Refractive Surgeries - Vasan Eye Care Hospital, New Delhi (2011 - 2014).

- Senior Consultant Cornea & Refractive Surgeries - CFS, New Delhi ( 2014 - Present).

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Shilpi Diwan

- Life member of several Ophthalmological Scientific bodies.

- Presentations in several National & International Conferences

- Publications in several National & International Medical Journals.

- A Rare Case of Delayed Post-Operative Migration Of Intracameral Perfluoropropane Into Pre-descemet Space Causing a Re-detachment of Descemet Membrane. Feb 2018, Journal of Eu Cornea

- Unilateral fungal keratitis after small-incision lenticule extraction. Sep 2018 JCRS Online Case Reports.

- Salvaging recurrent scleral buckle exposure with autologous periosteal patch graft. Nov 2014 Retinal Cases & Brief Reports

- Bilateral acute depigmentation of the iris in a child following exposure to insecticide spray Jun 2020 Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

- Small Incision Cataract Surgery Combined with Trabeculectomy : Comparison of 2 Techniques. Nov 2010 Asian Journal of Ophthalmology

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