Dr. Piyush Bajaj

Dr. Piyush Bajaj
Dr. Piyush Bajaj
3+ Years of Experience
Delhi, Jodhpur
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Specialties of Dr. Piyush Bajaj

Cataract Eye Surgery
Oculoplasty and Facial Aesthetics
Refractive surgery
Orbit and Oculoplasty

Experience of Dr. Piyush Bajaj

- Senior Residencyin Delhi Government Hospital, managing general Eye OPD and treating various ocular conditions Consultant Cataract Oculoplastic and Squint Surgeon Healing touch Super speciality Eye Hospital, New Delhi

- Consultant Cataract ,Oculoplastic and squint Surgeon Dr Pawan Dhir Eye Hospital , Bhiwani , Haryana

- Long term fellowship in Orbit andOculoplasty from Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai

Research and Designation Dr. Piyush Bajaj

- Associate consultant

- Published in many national and international journals of repute

- Regularly attends national and international conferences and presents work

- Member of AIOS (All India Ophthalmological Society) and Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS)

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Piyush Bajaj

- Pixel Ophthalmology Quiz – AIOS 2019 Indore

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Dr. Piyush Bajaj

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