Dr Nilufer Sultana

Dr. Nilufer Sultana
8.5+ Years of Experience
Telangana , Hyderabad
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Specialties of Dr Nilufer Sultana

SMILE Eye Surgery for Vision Correction
Lasik and Refractive Surgery
Cataract Eye Surgery
Cornea Services
Glaucoma Treatment
Keratoconus Treatment
Paediatric Ophthalmology And Squint
Squint Treatment in Adult
Ocular Surface and Dry Eye Disorders

Qualification of Dr Nilufer Sultana

MBBS, MS, FLVPEI - Comprehensive & Cornea and Anterior segment fellowship from LVPEI, Hyderabad

Experience of Dr Nilufer Sultana

# Worked as Senior Resident at ESIC Medical college Hospital, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad

# During Fellowship @ LVPEI, KAR campus, Hyderabad during Mar’18 till Aug'19

- Worked as a Clinical fellow in the department of Cornea and Anterior segment Jan 2017 - Dec 2017 

- Worked as Consultant at Seshanna Chennawar Eye Centre, Adilabad from Jan 2016 - Dec 2016 

- Worked as fellow in all subspecialties Jul 2014- Dec 2016

# SICS and Phacoemulsification Training conducted for Residents, National & International delegates Community service 

# Participated in various community services including - Camps for cataract screening, School screening program at CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), Hyderabad 

# Surgical experience 

- SICS: 2500 + - Phaco: 3000 + -- Topical cases: 300 + 

- Secondary IOL ( Scleral fixated IOLs ): 5 - Dacryocystectomy: 100, DCR assisted: 20

 - Refractive: PRK: 50, LASIK: 20; SMILE: 10 - Performed Collagen cross linking: 30, PTK: 2 

- Glaucoma filtration surgery: 15 Assisted, Combined surgery SICS + Trabeculectomy: 4 

- Membranectomy + Anterior vitrectomy + Secondary IOL: 5 

 - Lens aspiration + IOL for Traumatic cataract: 15 

- Complicated cataract like - Corneal scar, Coloboma cataract: 1, Post-PK cataract: 2

 - Anterior Segment reconstruction: 1 - Dermoid excision + Lamellar Keratoplasty /AMG: 3 

- Clear Lens extraction + IOL for Alport syndrome: 1 

 - Paediatric Lens aspiration + IOL: 3 - Paediatric DSAEK for CHED: 1 - Corneal Tear Repair: 50 - Corneal Transplant: PK: 50; PK Triple: 8 

- Boston Keratoprosthesis: 3 - DSAEK-12 ( Combined with Secondary IOL implantation, membranectomy + Anterior vitrectomy ) - Assisted 15 DMEK, DMEK Roll preparation: 2 

 - Amniotic membrane transplantation, including Multilayered AMG for sterile perforations: 25 

 - Mucous membrane Transplantation: 15 

- Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplant along with Limbal Biopsy: 10 

- Stem cell transplantation: 5 - Small procedures like 

- AC Reformation + Tissue adhesives + BCL, Superficial keratectomy, C3F8 Desmetopexy, Corneal Biopsy, Intrastromal antifungals, Anterior stromal puncture, Scleral deroofing, Synaecolysis, Conjunctival resection+TA+ BCL, Cryopexy for graft recurrence, AC Tap, Corneal and AC foreign body removal, Conjunctival Biopsy for OCP, Tarsorrhaphy etc.,

Research and Designation held of Dr Nilufer Sultana

List of scientific research publications 

# Nilufer Sultana, Sunita Chaurasia. Serial High Resolution Optical Coherence tomography in a case of Descemetocele managed with Amniotic membrane transplantation-Published in Indian Journal of Ophthalmology http://www.ijo.in/article.asp?issn=0301-4738;year=2018;volume=66;issue=2;spage=315;epage=317;aulast=Sultana

 # Post-operative wound infections and their antibiotic susceptibility patterns in a tertiary care hospital. Accepted by ICMR New Delhi  

Awards and Recognition of Dr Nilufer Sultana

# “High-resolution optical coherence tomography in a case of descemetocele managed with amniotic membrane transplantation” case presented at VV Ramana Rao Grand Rounds at Telangana Ophthalmological conference 2018 # Awarded Gold Medal for The Best Medical Graduate of Berhampur University in 2009

 # Awarded Gold Medal for Best student securing highest marks in Anatomy 2005 # Awarded Gold Medal for The most meritorious outgoing lady medical graduate of M.K.C.G Medical in 2009 # Awarded the performance in Biochemistry certificate of excellence for best at 4th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Biochemist of India -Orissa State Chapter 2007 

 # Awarded Cash prize for Securing highest marks in aggregate in all subjects at final MBBS examination 2009  

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