Dr. Nikita Gupta

Dr. Nikita Gupta
Dr. Nikita Gupta
10+ Years of Experience
Appointment with Dr. Nikita Gupta

Specialties of Dr. Nikita Gupta

Cataract Eye Surgery
Understanding Retina & Uvea

Qualification of Dr. Nikita Gupta

- MBBS (MAMC, Delhi)

- MD Ophthalmology (AIIMS, Delhi)

- M.Ch.Vitreo Retina (PGIMER, Chandigarh) - Topper of the batch


- FAICO (Vitreo-Retina)

Experience of Dr. Nikita Gupta

3 year M.D from AIIMS , New Delhi

3 year M.Ch,. Vitreoretina course from PGIMER, Chandigarh - First female M.Ch in ophthalmology from India. Has performed over 250 independent vitrectomies including simple and complicated RD , diabetic vitrectomies and macular surgeries. Equally proficient in Medical retina, Uvea and ROP

Research and Designation of Dr. Nikita Gupta

1. Clinical, Ultrasonographic and OCT correlation of optic nerve head cupping in glaucoma patients. Pujari A, Swamy DR, Selvan H, Agarwal D, Sihota R, Gupta N. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 2019.

2. “Vitreoretinopathy in a patient with Stickler syndrome.” Veil-like vitreous condensations are apparent posteriorly along with patches of perivascular lattice. Nikita Gupta, MS; Atul Arora, MS; Ramandeep Singh, MS; Arun Kapil, Chief Retinal Photographer (Advanced Eye Centre, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India). Equipment: Optos ultra-widefield imaging 200 Tx, V2Vantage Pro software- cover page of Ophthalmology Retina

3. Commentary: Visual electrophysiology and laboratory-specific normative values – How important are they? Simar Rajan Singh, Nikita Gupta, Mohit Dogra – Jan 2021 IJO

4. Choroidal neovascularisation following inverted internal limiting membrane flap technique for idiopathic macular hole: a case for modified flaps- Nikita Gupta, Aditi Mehta, Mohit Dogra, Simar Rajan Singh- BMJ Case Reports Jan 2021

5. Intraoperative optical coherence tomography (I-OCT) assisted passage of the encircling element during retinal detachment surgery- Ashish Markan, Nikita Gupta, Basavarj Tigari, Ramandeep Singh- GMS Ophthalmol Cases 2022

6. Gupta N, Tripathy K. Retinitis. [Updated 2022 Apr 30]. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2022 Jan-. Available from: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK560520/

7. Singh P, Bajaj MS, Gupta N, Agrawal S. A massive liposarcoma of the orbit. Orbit. 2021 Sep 1:1-2. doi: 10.1080/01676830.2021.1966814. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34470545.

8. Book Chapter titled “Dexamethasone implant in Diabetic Macular Edema” (Atul Arora, Nikita Gupta, Vishali Gupta) in Springer’s book on Diabetic Macular Edema edited by: Sandeep Saxena, Gemmy Cheung, Timothy Y.Y. Lai, Srinivas R. Sadda

9. Markan A, Gupta N, Dogra M, Sharma A, Singh R. Oral valganciclovir in HIV patients suffering from CMV retinitis(CMVR) at a tertiary care hospital in north India. (ID:IJO_2787_21)

10.Mycotic endophthalmitis by Parathyridaria percutanea. Bhavana Yadav; Nikita Gupta; Haseen Ahmed; Parakriti Gupta; Hansraj Chaudhary; Reema Bansal; Shivaprakash M Rudramurthy; Harsimran Kaur . Mycopathologia

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Nikita Gupta

- Presented work in various national and international conferences

1. 5th in ERUDIO-Allergan Academic Achievers Awards 2019 held in Coimbatore.

2. Best paper presentation at ERUDIO-Allergan conference held in 2019 in Coimbatore. Intraoperative Descemet’s membrane detachment in a case of phacomorphic glaucoma

3. Third prize in DOS quiz held during the annual DOS conference in April 2019.

4. In top 10 of AIOS young ophthalmologists quiz held in February 2020.

5. Fifth position in Ophthalmic Trauma Quiz held in conjunction with APOTS-GEI ophthalmic trauma webinar held on 19th July 2020.

6. Won Refraction quiz in ICoach –ION series held in October 2020.

7. Won multiple prizes in Ophthalmology Brain Teasers Season 2,3 and 4.

8. Won Third prize in COS ENTOD Mega quiz in July2021.

9) Won Best Challenging Case award in COS July 2021.

10. Won First prize in Ophthalmic quiz on Orbital trauma and Uvea quiz.

11. Won First prize in Ophthalmic Photography competition held in March 2021 AEC annual day.

12. First prize in DOS fun quiz at DOS 2022

13. First prize in the Interesting Cases session of Uvea at DOS 2022

14. Third prize in AIOS ENTOD Scientific MEGA quiz held on 4th june,2022 at AIOS Dreamcon,Mumbai.

15. Consolation prize winner of MicroVision MegaVision quiz on 3rdJune,2022 at AIOS,Mumbai

16. Second prize in ROP Quiz at World ROP Congress 2022 at Dubai

17. 5th prize in DOS Mega ENTOD quiz held at Annual DOS Conference at The Ashoka on 8 October, 2022

18. 1st in Brain Teasers Quiz held on 11 Jan 2023 among 500+ participants.

19. Best Interesting Case presentation in Uvea for Laser induced Retinitis at DOSCON in October 2022

20. Top 3 in best surgical retina case ( Macular Hole) at RFR 2023 in Chandigarh on 23 March

21. Top 3 in best medical retina case (Atypical VKH) at RFR 2023 in Chandigarh on 23 March

22. Second prize in YOSI case presentation at AIOC 2023, Kochi

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