Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Dr. Mukesh Sharma
24+ Years of Experience
Jaipur , Rajasthan
Appointment with Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Specialties of Dr. Mukesh Sharma

LASIK & Refractive Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Glaucoma Treatment
Cornea Services
Paediatric Ophthalmology & Squint
Oculoplasty & Facial Aesthetics
Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Disorders
Neuro Ophthalmology
Computer Vision Syndrome

Qualification of Dr. Mukesh Sharma

-    MBBS
-    M.D.(AIIMS)
-    DNB
-    ICO
-    Senior Residency/Fellowship at AIIMS for 2 years

Experience of Dr. Mukesh Sharma

-    Having experience of more than 22,000 surgeries including -Precision Cataract cataract surgeries (Phaco MICS, femto) various other surgeries like Glaucoma, PK, DALK, DSEK , Squint, Optic nerve Sheath Fenestration, Orbital surgeries, Oculoplastic's surgeries , Botulinum toxin injections
-    Performed live surgeries at various forum across the country
-    Given more than 500 scientific deliberation at various national & international conferences & Published 22 Articles in various Journals.

Research and Designation held of Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Formerly Associate Professor& Incharge Orbit & Oculoplasty clinic at SMS Medical College Jaipur( Faculty for 15 years), was Incharge ocular stem cell lab & ICMR project on Limbal stem cell cultivation & transplantation.
Vice President - Jaipur Ophthalmological Society (JOS)
General Secy - Oculoplastics Association of India (OPAI)
Formerly-General Secy- Rajasthan Ophthalmological Society( ROS)
Chairman Scientific Committee-ROS
Editor Journal ROS
General Secy -JOS
Joint Secy- OPAI

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Won Best surgical video -4 times in Annual ROS, once in annual DOS-2018, once in Eye Evidence Mumbai 2018
Best paper award in Confluence conference on ‘oculoplasty & ocular oncology’ for presenting the “Bewildering world of Proptosis” in march 2013
Best of the session award for presentation entitled ‘Hydatid cyst of orbit ‘in annual conference 2007 of Delhi Ophthalmological society.
Awarded Gold Medal-best paper Young ophthalmologist category) in Annual Rajasthan Ophthalmological society conference 3 times (maximum allowed 1999-2002)
Awarded Gold Medal in annual ‘Intra ocular Implant & refractive society of India’ conf 2013
Won -All India Ophthalmological society’s annual conference Quiz-1996
Won Delhi ophthalmological society’s annual conference Quiz –twice-1996& 1997

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Dr. Mukesh Sharma

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