Dr. Basant Khandelwal

Dr. Basant Khandelwal
4+ Years of Experience
Jaipur , Rajasthan
Appointment with Dr. Basant Khandelwal

Specialties of Dr. Basant Khandelwal

LASIK & Refractive Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Cornea Services
Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Disorders
Keratoconus Treatment
Computer Vision Syndrome

Qualification of Dr. Basant Khandelwal


- DNB (Ophthalmology)
- Fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery (FVEIRC)

Experience of Dr. Basant Khandelwal

Having experience of more than 4,000 surgeries including – 

Cataract surgery (Phaco, MICS, femto),

Cornea transplant surgeries (PK, DALK, DSEK),

Refractive surgeries including LASIK, PRK and ICL

and other speciality surgeries and procedures like C3R, AMT, TA/BCL, INTACS, SLET

Part of surgical team sent to Myanmar through “Help me see” initiative to perform cataract surgeries.

Managed various satellite hospitals of Venu Eye Institute

Part of 50 plus ophthalmology outreach programmes in association with multiple NGOs to help eradicate preventable blindness in India

Organised and conducted various CMEs, Surgical skill transfer and Video sessions

Actively involved in teaching and training of fellows and residents

Research and Designation held of Dr. Basant Khandelwal

Surgeon Incharge of Venu Netra Sansthan, Ramnagar

Incharge of Bhagwan Kaur Eye Hospital, Rewari

Surgeon Incharge of Rai Bahadur Hukum Singh Venu Naitra Sansthan, Bulandshehar

Medical Officer at Venu Eye Institute, New Delhi


Published thesis and presented various research articles and papers at different conferences.

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Basant Khandelwal

Awarded Best Resident for 3 consecutive years during DNB

Awarded Best Fellow for 2 consecutive years for outstanding performance

Won 2nd position in state conference for presenting research paper in the field of cataract surgery and IOL.

Awarded Best photographer on various occasions (ophthalmic)

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Dr. Basant Khandelwal

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