Know About Lazy Eyes

Tue Sep 04 2018

Do you know what is a "Lazy Eye"? Lazy eye is the one that does not take part fully in the seeing process. The images which are sent to the brain by the lazy eye are suppressed. As a result, only the eye which has no defect is used by the brain for the sight and if not treated on time, loss of vision can occur in the lazy eye. It may develop due to vision conditions such as a crossed or wandering eye. It is mainly developed in infancy and early childhood and affects children. It can also occur because of unequal vision in two eyes which is caused by astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness. The specific therapy treatment is different for each patient; the most effective method includes the following steps:

  • Prescribe lenses or glasses that help a child with amblyopia
  • It is recommended to use patching effectively
  • Should retrain the brain using vision therapy
  • Corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses can sometimes encourage the use of the lazy eye by providing it with the clearest possible vision
The patching period varies from age and vision like for older age (greater the 8 years) and greater difference in visual acuity (more than 4 lines difference on distance vision testing) warrant longer (6 – 8 hours/day) hours of patching. Hence early process taken is the key to the successful outcome. So, if you have a lazy eye, get it corrected and proceed for the treatment which is most suitable and effective.
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Do you know what is a “Lazy Eye”? Lazy eye is the one that does not take part fully in the seeing process. The...
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