Five Problems Only People Wearing Contact Lenses Can Understand

Wed May 31 2017

The weakening of vision leads to various painstaking adaptations in everyday life. It is simply impossible to read without stressing your eyes or just address the beauty of the sky with bare eyes. Thus, an eyeglass becomes our enduring associate. However, regular use of eyeglasses becomes dull and troublesome. Therefore, at least once - almost every person suffering bad vision thinks of switching to the use of Contact lenses, unknowingly of the fact that the use of contact lensesare also backed up by various troubles that only people wearing them can understand. There are many restrictions associated with the use of contact lenses. For an instance, rubbing the eyes can cause an unbearable burning sensation. A person can’t cry because the water shouldn’t touch the lenses. And, no matter what the occasion is – a person always has to carry along the lens case and the cleansing solution. Lenses are not just pretty expensive but, one cannot afford to forget their expiry dates too. It is so because the use of the expired lenses can lead to infections and inflammation in the eye. Also,as a matter of fact, a person always has to make sure that he is putting the right lens in the right eye. What can be worse? Sudden naps are not meant for people who wear contact lenses.Nonetheless, it becomes a necessity to avoid nearby people whilewearing or removing the lens. Otherwise, a person has to face some unsolicited questions ranging from “Did you touch your eyeball?” to “How do you put those in your eyes?” No, it is not enough yet. The use of contact lenses can cause various serious eye problems. Here are the top five of them.

  • Dry eyes - One of the major problems reported by almost every contact lens user is that of dry eyes. The problem is observed more in ageing patients of eye weakness. There can be various causes of dry eyes related to the use of contact lenses. Continuous use of the lens, faulty cleaning solution, an unsuitable material of the lens, Etc. are the few dominant reasons. Besides, dry eyes also lead to redness in the eye, burning sensation, and itchiness.
  • Eye Infections - People wearing contact lenses often complain about eye infections. Eye infections can occur in various cases. However, the use of contact lens worsens its effect on the eyes. Multiple bacteria exist around the eyes. Through the contact lens, they may come into the contact with the cornea. Since there lies a moist space between the lens and the cornea, the bacteria incubates in the zone and grows. It further causes problems such as red eyes, inflammation, and irritation.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome - Computer vision syndrome is a problem caused due to excess interaction with the computer or mobile screen. It leads to eye strain. The effects of the problem are worse for people who wear contact lenses. Eye strain causes the eyes to dry. The use of contact lenses in dry eyes increases irritation and discomfort.
  • Corneal Swelling - Medically termed as corneal oedema, it is a problem caused due to excessive use of contact lenses. However, the users of only a certain type of lenses face this problem. It occurs because the continuous use of lens restricts the supply of oxygen to the cornea. It can also happen in the case of use of thick or tight lenses. As a result, the cornea swells up. It also causes blurred vision, pain, and redness in the eyes.
  • Corneal Neovascularization - Another issue that occurs due to the use of unsuitable lenses is Corneal Neovascularization. In this case, unusual development of blood vessels occurs into the cornea. The primary reason for it is the lack of the supply of oxygen to the cornea. The consequence of the problem is a major vision loss.
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The weakening of vision leads to various painstaking adaptations in everyday life. It is simply impossible to read without stressing your eyes or just...
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