Can you get rid of cataracts without surgery

Wed Feb 08 2023

Can you get rid of cataracts without surgery?

You might have been looking for a cataract treatment without surgery that works like a magic potion. Well, as much as we are concern about your eyes, we feel obliged to let you know that cataract removal surgery is the only effective and safest way out. And, even in today’s advanced world, the natural treatment for cataract without surgery is yet to be found.

Let us further gain more clarity on cataracts and the importance of surgical removal and how safe is cataract surgery. A cataract is a vision problem that develops as the eye lens starts becoming cloudy. Vision changes are very slow as the condition progresses very slowly. This eye condition is majorly due to ageing, as a result of which the eye becomes opaque or cloudy. Hence, people above the age of 65 are more prone to getting cataracts. 

Cataracts are the result of accumulated protein in the eye lens that makes it blur. This accumulation of protein also prevents the light from properly passing through the lens, obstructing the vision. 

It affects one or both eyes and is not contagious or infectious. Carrying on with daily routine activities like driving, reading, etc. becomes problematic while dealing with cataracts. It is necessary to go for a proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as cataracts start interfering with your lifestyle.

Common symptoms of a cataract include:

  • Hazy or blurred vision
  • Colours appear faded or unclear
  • Heightened sensitivity to light, especially during the night
  • Refractive error of the affected eye increases
  • Double vision
  • Vision loss is NOT accompanied by pain, irritation, or red eyes

As you start experiencing the cataract symptoms and signs, it’s wise to get a thorough eye check-up done by an eye specialist. The doctor will examine your eyes and let you know if you urgently require cataract removal surgery or not. The urgency of the surgery depends upon the severity or whether the cataract has ripened enough to be extracted easily

What do you need to know about cataract surgery?

With advancements in medical technology, advanced surgical techniques of cataract removal have come into existence. Currently, femto-laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) is a preferred procedure with a very high success rate of more than 98%. This technique is blade-free and allows you to recover faster without major difficulties.

Many steps of traditional cataract surgery which need a blade are replaced, facilitating an easier removal of the cataract. FLACS also enhances vision quality as it improves the accuracy of the procedure. The procedure can Furthermore, the femto-laser used can also correct astigmatism (mild cases) as it can fashion astigmatism correction incision on the cornea with great accuracy and without a blade!

The accuracy of the laser greatly reduces the chances of post-surgery side effects and any major complications. In most cases, the patient can resume their normal routine activities within 24-48 hours following surgery. However, in some cases, it may take more time to notice improvements in vision. The overall healing or recovery period depends upon various factors, including your overall well-being. Thus, the exact recovery period differs for everyone.

What happens if you leave cataracts untreated?

When neglected or left untreated for a long time, vision loss due to cataracts affect every day activities like driving etc. causing irritation and frustration. It may shock you to know that there have been several cases of hip fractures due to falls as a result of impaired vision. Also, it is crucial to remember that prolonged periods of untreated cataracts may even result in total loss of vision. So, it’s futile to keep searching for cataract remedy without surgery. By now, you must have realised that it is not possible to remove cataract without surgery.

Get in touch with an eye specialist as it is clear that untreated cataracts can turn into a major problem. Book your appointment with the Centre for Sight’s expert eye doctors to know more about cataract treatment and get a proper diagnosis. Our cataract specialists are well-known for their expertise and professionalism. Our trusted team of expert doctors makes use of world-class technology to offer the best possible eye care to you that fits best your needs and wants. Get in touch today!  

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