So they can see the light, donate your sight

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Light a Life, So that they can see the light

An Initiative by Centre for Sight to Raise Awareness towards Eye Donation

Eye donation allows each one a chance to perform social good. It costs us nothing and makes no demand on our time. Our eyes, that we burn or bury after death, can be recycled into priceless gift of vision for millions of our corneally blind citizens. Keeping this in mind, CFS incepted a campaign to raise awareness around Eye Donation and increase the willingness of people to donate eyes. Anyone can be a donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group or religion. In the end it’s all about making someone’s future brighter with your eyes

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    Million+ blind people in India.
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    Million+ of which are corneally blind, waiting for the sight.
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    % of whom are children.
  • You can help stop this.
  • Pledge to spread your vision among the sightless people
  • # An Initiative by Centre for Sight

A reason to be remembered after life, leave your eyes behind

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