Patient Testimonials

When I came to Centre for Sight, I had serious pai...n in my right eye. I could not see from that eye at all. I got my eye operated here which was badly fitted back in Nigeria.
It is a great pleasure to get our operation done a...t Centre for Sight in coordination with BLK. Any patient feels happy dealing with all staff. Thanks to all the team of BLK and Centre for Sight on behalf of Minister of Petroleum, Sudan.Former Minister of Petroleum, Sudan
Dear Centre for Sight Team I hope all is well with... you in India. We are from The Gambia, West Africa. We as a family have been extremely grateful for the hospitality and professionalism shown by the team of Centre for Sight (Safdarjung Enclave) during the treatment of Baby Aji Fatou Mboob.
I am feeling high, as if I had a bottle of Bacardi.... The operation at Centre for Sight wasn’t painful. Indian doctors are renowned for their work world over, so I thought of coming here.I chose Centre for Sight to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest.
Centre for Sight is one of the best places offerin...g the latest technology for all eye-related problems. I got my implantation of Crystalens done here. Now my world is so clear that I can do all the things I wanted to without reaching out for my glasses.
I had undergone cataract operation in childhood wh...ich went wrong, after which I became partially blind due to corneal opacity. I could only see faint lights and could not differentiate between colours. I had to depend on my brother for even moving around the house. After my surgery at Centre for Sight in Delhi, I was able now to see. I could do everything on my own like eating food, writing and also writing. I am delighted to become fully independent, thanks to Centre for Sight team.
Centre for Sight is on par with the best in the co...untry, maybe in the world.
At its inauguration in Delhi, I wish all the to Centre for Sight. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and has all the facilities. Dr Sachdev is serving humanity on the desire of God. I wish him success. His family indeed would be blessed by God.
Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev, his wife and his team of... doctors and para medicos are excellent. My eye surgery has been very successful, and I sincerely appreciate it. Wish all good wishes.

All the doctors and the team are excellent.

I am very much satisfied with the services of this... centre. Padma Shri Dr Mahipal Singh is a committed doctor. The services and facilities provided here are excellent. I hope Dr Sachdev will touch heights in his field. This centre, under the leadership of Dr Mahipal, will earn a lot of name and fame. I sincerely appreciate the behaviour of Dr Sachdev and his team. I feel this centre caters to the best of the standards prevalent in the world.
When it comes to my eyes, I trust only the very So I chose Centre for sight to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest. All one can say is thank you. The hospital has the most amazing combination of experienced doctors & the latest technology.
I liked the environment at Centre for Sight. The s...taff is very supportive and cooperative. I got to know about it from my friends and relatives. I had an eye power of around 3 D in the left eye and 3.5 D in the right eye. I faced a lot of difficulty due to my glasses and wanted to get rid of them. I chose Centre for Sight because I knew I was in safe hands. I would recommend the hospital to my relatives and friends.
I am satisfied and happy with the way Centre for S...ight works. The staff is highly cooperative. I was using glasses for the last sixteen years and was highly irritated because of them. Finally, I got rid of them! My hearty thanks to CFS, who made this happen.
I had been using glasses for the last ten years. I... wanted to get rid of them, so my family doctor advised Centre for Sight. They informed me that the hospital uses the latest technology and equipment to treat. Now I can see clearly without any hindrance between my eyes and the beautiful world.
I came to know about Centre for Sight from the int...ernet. The website of CFS is also excellent and informative. Everything regarding the procedures is detailed out very well on the site. My surgery at CFS went smooth and short. I could even talk while the surgery was going! My experience at Centre for Sight was outstanding, and after the surgery, I am delighted and satisfied.
Earlier, I had to wear glasses all the time as I high myopia. I just wanted to get an off from my glasses. I got to know about CFS from the internet. As I got my treatment done from the hospital, I found the staff very satisfactory. They explained to me about the procedure in detail. After the surgery, my vision is 6/6. I am delighted and thankful to all the doctors and staff here. I would advise everybody to go for Centre for Sight for any eye ailment.
I had been wearing glasses for the last twenty-two... years. I had very high myopia with cylinder number, i.e. +10 in both the eyes. I had visited almost all the leading doctors in India, and everybody denied to operate my eyes. My friend told me about CFS. So I came here as my last hope of leading a healthy life. On my first visit, I was quite worried about what doctors would say. But thanks to Dr Sachdev, who was confident that iLasik can be performed on my eyes. He made me relaxed. His confidence gave me the hope of getting rid of glasses.
I got the iLasik procedure done from CFS. I used t...o wear glasses for the last nine years. My self-confidence was gone because of those irritating spectacles. I needed my glasses as soon as I woke up. But now, after iLasik, I feel amazing. It feels as if some magic has happened to my eyes. I am highly thankful to Dr Sachdev for giving me my new world, which I can admire, feel and see without the hassles and hindrance of glasses in between.
I think Centre for Sight is the best eye hospital...with all facilities. My best wishes are with them.
Highly appreciable of the highest quality of care...centre. Dr Mahipal is an ophthalmologist of high excellence. His calibre of work and extremely courteous behaviour is at par. I wish him the success of the highest possible heights.
At Centre for Sight hospital, the doctors and staf...f are very cooperative under the able leadership of Dr Mahipal. Here the staff is well-trained, and one can find the latest and finest technology prevailing in any part of the world. My best wishes for Centre for Sight.
Very modern, very well equipped. One should say, u...ltramodern. It may graduate into a place, where R & D would also be done, apart from providing treatment to the patients. I wish the doctors and those who work here, all the best. May it develop into an institution which gives physical and spiritual vision. The spiritual vision would flow out of the dedication with which the institution is built and run.
We are a small family from Nagpur. My newborn was...diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma meaning cancerous tumour in both eyes. Thanks to Doctor Santosh and his team at Centre for Sight, my son, now nine years old, leads a very normal life.
I am a 23-year-old postgraduate,a very diligent an...d hard-working girl. All through my school and college life, I had to wear glasses. I was called names like “four eyes” “book worm” which gave me such a complex that I started seeing myself as seriously dull. After my post-graduation, I decided to unwind to have fun in life and also get a job. The first on my to-do list was to get rid of my soda-bottle glasses. I checked out the available technology and got to know about Lasik treatment. Lasik surgery is a popular procedure to correct sight problems like short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. It is popular with youngsters who do not want to wear spectacles. After checking out with friends, I zeroed in on Centre For Sight (CFS), as it was closest to my residence and had the best reviews. I took an appointment for a consultation with a LASIK specialist. I was impressed when I came in for the first meeting. I stepped into a clean and pleasant atmosphere. As they say, the first impression is the last. I met with a consultant, and after checking my eyes, he said I was short-sighted. I asked the consultant if there was a procedure which could restore my eyesight and get rid of the glasses. He suggested LASIK surgery. He explained that it was a concise procedure, performed under local anaesthesia. In this procedure, the cornea is adjusted to let light enter and get perfect vision. We fixed on a date, and I went through some blood tests. The day of the procedure arrived. After an early dinner the previous day, I went to the Centre on an empty stomach for an 8 am procedure. The surgeon put eye drops which numbed the area and did a quick procedure in no time at all. I was asked to come for review the next day and was very pleased because now I had a 20x20 vision. I was thrilled. No more glasses, no more nicknames! Not only did I recover my vision, but I also got back my self-confidence. Armed with my confidence and my degrees, I am ready to take on the world. Thank you, Centre For Sight .
At the age of fifty, my vision started blurring an...d I started facing the momentary loss of vision. I was very concerned and immediately contacted my friends and family who had recommended Centre for Sight. After I came to know that the Chief Minister of Telangana got himself treated here, I did no doubt that this was the best place to get my cataract treated. I got an immediate appointment for a consultation. After checking my eyes, the doctor asked me whether I had any more concerns about my eyes. I shared with him my inability to see in dim light and sensitivity to bright light. I thought I was imagining halos around bright lights. I knew I was not colour blind, but colours seemed all faded and dull. The doctor checked my eyes and opined that I had developed cataract in both my eyes. He explained that this condition is prevalent in people above the age of 45. There is no cause for this condition. Cataract is very common and means "clouding" of the eyes original lenses which results in obscuring, and, if not treated in time, loss of vision. It is more commonly an age-related condition. Sometimes it also affects children and young adults. It is entirely treatable with no side effects. I asked for treatment options and was explained that with surgery they would replace the affected lenses with new eye lenses. The medication would be of no help in clearing the vision. There would be a gap of a few days between each eye surgery. After discussion with the family, we finalised a date for the surgery. I was scared of surgeries. But the doctor advised that the procedure would get more complicated if delayed because the cataract would thicken further and make it more difficult to remove. If treatment got delayed, then I could lose my vision entirely and become handicapped. I understood the pros and cons( although hardly any) and agreed to go through the procedure. A few days before surgery, I had to undergo various blood tests and eye measurements. I also met the surgeon and the anaesthetist. Meeting the attending doctors gave me a lot of confidence, as they explained that it was a non-complicated, bloodless surgery under local anaesthesia. I was advised to have an early dinner on the day before the surgery. I reached the hospital at 8 in the morning without eating or drinking anything, as advised. On the day of the surgery, the anaesthetist gave a small injection so I would not feel anything. The procedure of changing the lens was done in no time at all. I was out of the theatre in no time with a protective bandage put on the eye. After being on observation for a couple of hours, I was allowed to go home. Going home was wonderful, but I needed a lot of care. I had to keep the bandage on till the invisible sutures were removed. I was given protective dark glasses, and eye drops to be put at regular intervals. Bright light and pressure were to be completely avoided. After a few days, the same procedure was performed on the other eye. A week after the second surgery, I had crystal clear distant vision. No scars or marks. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. The Centre, the doctors, the nursing staff were all very patient, polite and well informed about their work. I would recommend Centre For Sight to everybody.
My local doctor had advised me to go for, so I visited Centre for Sight. With the latest technology FEMTO SECOND AND SYMPHONY LENSES OF ABBOTT, now I can see without any glasses. Now I feel younger by thirty Years. I am very much thankful to Dr Varun Malhotra and Sri Anurodh.


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"I chose Centre for Sight to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest."
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