Rhagubir Yadav

Sat Mar 18 2023

At the age of fifty, my vision started blurring and I started facing the momentary loss of vision. I was very concerned and immediately contacted my friends and family who had recommended Centre for Sight. After I came to know that the Chief Minister of Telangana got himself treated here, I did no doubt that this was the best place to get my cataract treated. I got an immediate appointment for a consultation. After checking my eyes, the doctor asked me whether I had any more concerns about my eyes. I shared with him my inability to see in dim light and sensitivity to bright light. I thought I was imagining halos around bright lights. I knew I was not colour blind, but colours seemed all faded and dull. The doctor checked my eyes and opined that I had developed cataract in both my eyes. He explained that this condition is prevalent in people above the age of 45. There is no cause for this condition. Cataract is very common and means “clouding” of the eyes original lenses which results in obscuring, and, if not treated in time, loss of vision. It is more commonly an age-related condition. Sometimes it also affects children and young adults. It is entirely treatable with no side effects. I asked for treatment options and was explained that with surgery they would replace the affected lenses with new eye lenses. The medication would be of no help in clearing the vision. There would be a gap of a few days between each eye surgery. After discussion with the family, we finalised a date for the surgery. I was scared of surgeries. But the doctor advised that the procedure would get more complicated if delayed because the cataract would thicken further and make it more difficult to remove. If treatment got delayed, then I could lose my vision entirely and become handicapped. I understood the pros and cons( although hardly any) and agreed to go through the procedure. A few days before surgery, I had to undergo various blood tests and eye measurements. I also met the surgeon and the anaesthetist. Meeting the attending doctors gave me a lot of confidence, as they explained that it was a non-complicated, bloodless surgery under local anaesthesia. I was advised to have an early dinner on the day before the surgery. I reached the hospital at 8 in the morning without eating or drinking anything, as advised. On the day of the surgery, the anaesthetist gave a small injection so I would not feel anything. The procedure of changing the lens was done in no time at all. I was out of the theatre in no time with a protective bandage put on the eye. After being on observation for a couple of hours, I was allowed to go home. Going home was wonderful, but I needed a lot of care. I had to keep the bandage on till the invisible sutures were removed. I was given protective dark glasses, and eye drops to be put at regular intervals. Bright light and pressure were to be completely avoided. After a few days, the same procedure was performed on the other eye. A week after the second surgery, I had crystal clear distant vision. No scars or marks. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. The Centre, the doctors, the nursing staff were all very patient, polite and well informed about their work. I would recommend Centre For Sight to everybody.

Article: Rhagubir Yadav
Author: Centre For Sight   |   Mar 18 2023 | UPDATED 05:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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