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Centre for Sight is one of the leading groups of eye hospitals in India. Our esteemed team of expert eye specialists provides quality eye care services, right from eye testing to eye surgery. Centre for Sight - New Vision Laser Centres (CFS-NVLC) is a group of ophthalmological eye care centres, primarily specializing in Lasik laser eye surgery and offers a whole set of solutions for treating refractive errors in India.
To realize our mission of providing affordable and personalized eye care for all, we have set up our NVLC centre in Surat, Gujarat. This centre specializes in Lasik and refractive surgery. We also offer treatment for computer vision syndrome.

Lasik Eye Surgery in Surat

All our CFS-NVLC centres have state-of-the-art facilities. Our expert eye surgeons are highly skilled and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of medical and surgical care while treating the patients. With our CFS-NVLC, effective, and quality laser eye surgery in Surat is now just a step away.

Enter in a spectacle-free world with Centre for Sight’s trusted Lasik eye surgery procedures that ensure sharper and clearer vision without any hassles. If you’re looking for bladeless Lasik surgery, then reach our NVLC centre in Surat as we offer Femto Lasik eye surgery also.

SMILE Eye Surgery

We also do ReLex SMILE eye surgery at our centre that is both bladeless and painless. SMILE treats cases of myopia and astigmatism and is suitable for patients having problems with contact lenses or dry eyes. It is an FDA approved procedure that works on the most advanced femtosecond laser platform.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Continuously viewing digital screens for an extended period results in eye strain and vision problems. People suffering from computer vision syndrome often complain about ocular sprain, irritation, redness, dryness, blurred vision, and double vision. Nowadays, digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome is seen both in adults and children. Centre for Sight provides comprehensive treatment for computer vision syndrome.

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