Dr Nimesh C.Patel

Dr Nimesh C.Patel
Dr Nimesh C.Patel
9+ Years of Experience
Vadodara and Ahmedabad, Gujrat
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Specialties of Dr Nimesh C.Patel

Understanding Retina & Uvea

Experience of Dr Nimesh C.Patel

More than 800 Vitreo Retina Surgeries including Complex Retinal detachment, Scleral Buckle, Tractional Retinal Detachment, Glued IOL, Diabetic Vitrectomy, Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Endophthalmitis, Intra Ocular Foreign body Removal, Over 2000 Retinal and ROP laser, Over 2000 Intravitreal Injections,1500+ Cataract Surgeries, Managing Uveitis and Retinopathy of Prematurity
- 3 years as Junior Resident at B J Medical College, .
- 6 months as Senior Resident at B J Medical College, Ahmedabad ( Aug 2019 to Jan 2020)Ahmedabad (2016-2019)
- 3 years as Vitreo Retina Fellow at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad(Jan 2020 to Dec 2022)
- 6 months as Consultant Vitreo Retina at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad (Feb 2023 to 31st July 2023)

Research and Designation of Dr Nimesh C.Patel

“A Case of Acquired Horner's Syndrome after Blalock Taussing Shunt Surgery “in Joint Winter DOS-SPOSI International Congress 2017 
“A Case Of Bilateral Central Corneal Edema After Acute Pancreatitis “in Joint Winter DOS-SPOSI International Congress 2017 
“Effect of glaucoma and its management on quality of life of patients having glaucoma” in 8th Annual Conference Of Association Of Community Ophthalmologist Of India-ACOIN, GOA- 2017 
“Functional and anatomical outcome of 42 encircling band vs other scleral buckle explants for primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment” in P Ramchander Best Paper Session during the sixth annual (Virtual) Conference of Telangana Ophthalmology Society held on August 7- 8,2021 
“IOFB… GRT… Recurrent GRT… retained PFCL…. macular hole…. Si oil …. What more?” LVPEI-Vitreoretinal Surgery Masterclass March 2023 
Patel N, Pappuru RR, Basu S, Tyagi M. Pigmented iris cyst in vitreous chamber. BMJ Case Reports. 2020 Dec 1;13(12) 
Bhagat P, Trivedi K, Nayi S, Patel N. Genetics in High Myopia. In Genetics of Ocular Diseases 2022 (pp. 165-174). Springer, Singapore 
A Case Of Acquired Horner’s Syndrome After Blalock Tausing Shunt Surgery. Indian Journal Of Applied Research, Volume 8, Issue-11;14, November-2018

Awards and Recognition of Dr Nimesh C.Patel

Awarded with ACOIN Community Eye Health Research Grant with 25,000 rupees for short term research by Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India in 2017 for best paper at ACOIN, GOA 2017 

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