Dr. Mayur Rokdey

Dr. Mayur Rokdey
Dr. Mayur Rokdey
12+ Years of Experience
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Specialties of Dr. Mayur Rokdey

Understanding Retina & Uvea

Qualification of Dr. Mayur Rokdey


Research and Designation of Dr. Mayur Rokdey

- Rokdey M. Retina Quiz. TNOA J Ophtalmic Sci Res 2019;57: 328-30, 344
- Mayur Rokdey, Anant Bhosale, Virna Shah and Narendran V. “A Case of Shape Shifting Scotoma”. EC Ophthalmology 10.4 (2019): 281-283
- Mayur Rokdey, Anant Bhosale, Rodney John Morris and Narendran V – “Diabetic Retinopathy: Challenges in the Current Scenario”. EC Ophthalmology 9.12 (2018): Editorial
- George J. Manayath, Mayur Rokdey, Shishir Verghese, Ratnesh Ranjan, V. R. Saravanan & Venkatapathy Narendran (2021): An extended phenotype of RP1L1 maculopathy – case report, Ophthalmic Genetics, DOI: 10.1080/13816810.2021.2021426
- Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy in familial dominant drusen - FP1619 -AIOC 2022
- Iris Claw Lens – Is surgical retina backup necessary? - FP1278 - AIOC 2019- Indore, FP 369- TNOA 2018 - Pondicherry
- Role of topical chloroquine in treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction: A PROSPECTIVE STUDY - FP 93- TNOA 2018-Pondicherry, FP 378- AIOC 2019- Indore
- Systemic Factors Associated with Optic-disc haemorrhage in patients with primary Glaucoma - FP 408 TNOA 2018- Pondicherry, FP 525 - AIOC -2019- Indore
- Mega Camp, Jam Packed Theatre, Sparkling Visual Gain !! - FP783 - AIOC 2018- Coimbatore
- A shape shifting scotoma- A case for serial visual field monitoring - FP417 - TNOA 2018- Pondicherry
- Incidence of systemic illnesses in patients coming for ophthalmological checkup - FP439 - TNOA 2017- Erode
- The Lost Syndrome - FP1045 - AIOC 2017- Erode
Venolymphatic malformation of the "orbit"? - FP335- TNOA 2016, FP425-AIOC 2017- Jaipur
- Modified Paediatric Ocular Trauma Score –A novel scoring system in paediatric Ocular trauma management - Ocular Trauma Society of India Conference-2016- Coimbatore
- Keratoprosthesis & Vitrectomy: Single stage mangement of severe chemical injury & dislocated lens- VT 102- ​ AIOC 2018- Coimbatore
- A rare case of phacocele - managed surgically with visual rehabilitation as a primary procedure- VT 200- AIOC 2018- Coimbatore, TNOA-2017-Erode
- Nov 2018 – June 2021- Primary grader for SMART India study (Statistical and economical modelling of risk-based stratified and personalised screening for complications of diabetes in India) – under aegis of ORNATE – India project, in collaboration with Moorfields eye hospital, UCL institute of ophthalmology and Sankar nethralaya.

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Mayur Rokdey

- 1st position in the PG quiz on glaucoma at “Shifting paradigms in glaucoma” CME – KMC, Mangalore- 12th June 2016
- 3rd position in open quiz at TNOA- “Pudhuvue”, Pondicherry - 2018
- 1st position in PG quiz at Ocular trauma society of India conference – Coimbatore- September 2016

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