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Eye Hospital In Delhi - NCR

  • Vijayawada - Gaayathri Eye Hospital Eye Hospital

    Vijayawada - Gaayathri Eye Hospital

    Ph.: 08464977766

    Email: infovijayawada@centreforsight.net

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  • Eye Hospital in Kankarbagh Patna

    Patna - Kankarbagh

    Ph.: 098711 75513

    Email: infopatna@centreforsight.net

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  • Ashok Vihar Eye Hospital

    Ashok Vihar

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infoashokvihar@centreforsight.net

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  • Dwarka - Eye Institute Eye Hospital

    Dwarka - Eye Institute

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infodwarka@centreforsight.net

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  • Faridabad Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infofaridabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Ghaziabad-Indirapuram Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 7428582470

    Email: infiondirapuram@centreforsight.net

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  • Gurgaon - New Railway Road Eye Hospital

    Gurgaon - New Railway Road

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infogurgaon1@centreforsight.net

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  • Gurgaon - Sector 29 Eye Hospital

    Gurgaon - Sector 29

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infogurgaon@centreforsight.net

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  • Okhla Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infookhla@centreforsight.net

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  • Preet Vihar Eye Hospital

    Preet Vihar

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infopreetvihar@centreforsight.net

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  • Rajouri Garden Eye Hospital

    Rajouri Garden

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: inforajouri@centreforsight.net

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  • Rohini Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: inforohini@centreforsight.net

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  • Safdarjung Enclave  Eye Hospital

    Safdarjung Enclave

    Ph.: 011-45738888

    Email: info@centreforsight.net

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  • Vikaspuri Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infovikaspuri@centreforsight.net

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  • Ahmedabad - Navrangpura Eye Hospital

    Ahmedabad - Navrangpura

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infoahmedabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Vadodara Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Vadodara

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infovadodara@centreforsight.net

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  • Centre For Sight ( Sapna Sangeeta )  Eye Hospital

    Centre For Sight ( Sapna Sangeeta )

    Ph.: 0731-4089877

    Email: info.indore.ss@centreforsight.net

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  • Indore - Vijay Nagar Eye Hospital

    Indore - Vijay Nagar

    Ph.: 18001200477

    Email: infoindore@centreforsight.net

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  • Ahmedabad - Gulbai Tekra Eye Hospital

    Ahmedabad - Gulbai Tekra

    Email: ahmedabad@newvisionindia.com

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  • Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada Eye Hospital

    Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada

    Ph.: 084649 77766

    Email: infovijayawada@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Bhavnagar Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Bhavnagar

    Ph.: 0278-2565541/42

    Email: infobhavnagar@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Jamnagar Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Jamnagar

    Ph.: 0288-2665567

    Email: infojamnagar@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Rajkot Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Rajkot

    Ph.: 0281-2240241/39

    Email: inforajkot@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Surat Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Surat

    Ph.: 0261-2792222

    Email: samir.shah@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Basheerbagh Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Basheerbagh

    Ph.: 8688881878

    Email: hyderabad@newvisionindia.com

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  • Maharashtra - Mumbai Eye Hospital

    Maharashtra - Mumbai

    Ph.: 022-26283610/13/17

    Email: mumbai@newvisionindia.com

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  • Vadodara - Akota Eye Hospital

    Vadodara - Akota

    Ph.: 9574324555

    Email: samir.shah@centreforsight.net

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  • Ajmer Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 0145 – 2442000, 2442888.

    Email: infoajmer@centreforsight.net

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  • Jaipur - Malviya Nagar Eye Hospital

    Jaipur - Malviya Nagar

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infojaipur@centreforsight.net

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  • Jaipur - Vaishali Nagar Eye Hospital

    Jaipur - Vaishali Nagar

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infojaipur2@centreforsight.net

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  • Jodhpur Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 0291-2613340

    Email: infojodhpur@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Banjara Hills Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Banjara Hills

    Ph.: +91-8500652020, +91-9849710066, 1800-1200-477

    Email: infohyderabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Kukatpally Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Kukatpally

    Ph.: +91-9849455744, 1800 1200 477

    Email: infohyderabad2@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Nampally Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Nampally

    Ph.: 040-23236666, 9849597789, 7207040566

    Email: infohyderabad4@centreforsight.net

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  • Agra - Ashoka Plaza Eye Hospital

    Agra - Ashoka Plaza

    Ph.: 7060411166, 0562-4008892

    Email: infoagra2@centreforsight.net

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  • Meerut - E K Road Eye Hospital

    Meerut - E K Road

    Ph.: 9927007094

    Email: infomeerut@centreforsight.net

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  • Moradabad - Chowk Tarikhana Eye Hospital

    Moradabad - Chowk Tarikhana

    Ph.: 0591-2321641

    Email: infomoradabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Moradabad - Kanth Road Eye Hospital

    Moradabad - Kanth Road

    Ph.: 0591-2452409, 0591-2452407
    0591-2452406, 7460050182

    Email: infomoradabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Kolkata - AJC Bose Road Eye Hospital

    Kolkata - AJC Bose Road

    Ph.: 033-66306630

    Email: infokolkata.ajc@centreforsight.net

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  • Eye Hospital in Madhyamgram Kolkata

    Kolkata - Madhyamgram

    Ph.: 033-66776677

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LASIK Surgery Hospital in Delhi

According to the alarming statistics of 2018, there is only a single ophthalmologist for 90,o00 people and approximately a population of 200 million is in desperate need of ophthalmic assistance and trained paramedics. Knowing this status and to bridge this wide gap, Dr. Mahipal Sachdev came up with the idea of a super-specialty eye care chain to address the eye care problems of Delhi residents in 1996.

What started as a rented room in a Delhi’s local clinic, has now expanded to 51 centers across 31 cities. The main focus of the Centre of Sight was to provide the patients with high-quality diagnostics as well as surgical eye care procedures by engaging state-of-the-art technology and developing a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors. Due to its committed to this vision, presently this hospital has a robust presence in north, north-west, as well as the central region of India.

So far, this reputed hospital has treated 6,00,000 patients in 2015 alone. This eye-care service provider offers an all-inclusive suite of treatments well-suited to the concerned patient. From the very beginning, our hospital has presented its niche specialty as a single specialty. This decision rendered a sanitized ambiance of wellness to each of our centers.3

All these efforts and devotion towards the service of the people have won Centre for Sight the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award for the ‘Eye care provider company of the year 2010 & 2014’. Further, its long list of accolades includes FICCI Healthcare Excellence award for Operational Excellence in 2012, ET Now Leaders of tomorrow national award for Business Excellence in 2014 and “Best Single Specialty Hospital Chain 2016” at Businessworld 3rd Healthcare Summit & Awards.

Our Chairman & Medical Director, Dr. Mahipal Sachdev also got the Padma Shri Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award at ‘Times Health Achiever Delhi NCR 2017’. Centre for Sight got ‘Best Single Speciality Hospital Award’ in the same platform.

Guided by its patient-centric values of integrity, compassion, precision, and efficiency. The renowned hospital even went further and opened it's very first and India’s largest private super specialty eye institute in Dwarka, Delhi. It would not be wrong to say that this institute is a one-stop destination for every kind of eye related problems and diseases. It boasts of enormous six floors with 17 examination chambers, 20 consultation chambers, and 9 modular operation theatres. Furthermore, eye casualty remains operational 24X7.


With over two decades of existence, all the Delhi NCR hospitals of Centre for Sight house avant-garde diagnostic and treatment facilities. People have come to trust our hospital over these years for treatment of sight-threatening diseases like Cataract, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Keratoconus, and Retina problems.

Our hospitals provide the most advanced surgeries for Cataract - Robotic Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery, and phacoemulsification. For the care of aged individuals suffering from this clouding of vision, our centers have advanced phacoemulsification systems such as Infiniti from Alcon, Centurion, Bausch & Lomb Stellaris, and Signature from Abbott. These hospitals also offer a diverse range of options for premium intraocular lens to its patients. The other advanced Cataract surgery treatment equipment includes Catalys & LenSx Femto Cataract platforms.

For people suffering from the diseased cornea, the centers have the option of Penetrating Keratoplasty and Lamellar Keratoplasty (all depending on the diagnosis). Delhi centers even give the best treatments for Glaucoma to lower eye pressure via medicated eye drops, laser or surgical options. Whereas, the treatment modalities for Keratoconus include intrastromal ring segments, corneal transplantation, implantable Collamer lenses (ICL) and corneal collagen crosslinking.

Equipped with vast surgical experience, the single-specialty hospital also treats diabetic retinopathy with vitrectomy, intravitreal injections, and laser photocoagulation. Other services dedicated to the vision of people are oculoplasty (for preserving facial aesthetics) and ocular oncology (fighting eye cancer).


Almost all hospitals of Centre for Sight in Delhi specialize in cutting-edge specs removal surgeries of LASIK & SMILE.

Widely known as LASIK, the Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is a procedure that corrects myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (cylindrical) refractive errors. There exist 6 types of LASIK procedures. After consultation, our specialists suggest the most apt procedure pertaining to the case.

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction a.k.a SMILE refractive surgery makes use of Femtosecond Laser for the creation of 2-4 millimeters incision for blade-free vision correction. Both these procedures help the patients to achieve a blade-free vision.

Pediatric Eye Care

Your kids see the world differently and keeping this fact in mind, Centre for Sight pediatric eye care care specialists make sure that your little ones get only specialized care.

The cases of Squint/Strabismus are handled with special care by the specialists of Delhi hospital. They firstly evaluate the situation, diagnose the problem and then suggest the best nonsurgical or surgical treatment option for strabismus.

The nonsurgical options include the use of prism spectacles and muscle exercises. For lazy eye treatment, amblyopia therapy is used. Many cases can be usually helped by contact lenses or eyeglasses.

With its vast presence and numerous patients vouching for its trusted services, Centre for Sight Delhi hospitals are the place to restore your little one’s vision to healthy and normal.

Delhi NCR & Centre For Sight Locations

The capital of the country and the largest commercial city in northern India, New Delhi is a modern cosmopolitan city with a complex history and rich culture. Home to the vast Indian bureaucracy and political system, Delhi is one of the most important cities in India and on the global stage. It is a rapidly growing city that is embracing the challenges of being a modern city while retaining its unique place in the world.

This potpourri of a city does not restrain itself to just the territory of Delhi by also to NCR. This National Capital Region few urbane areas of nearby states i.e. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. Construction, real estate, community services, health, all-timer are all-time high in these areas. This city also accounts for the fastest-growing retail industry. The manufacturing and consumer goods companies have seen considerable growth. This same market plus skilled labor availability attracts huge foreign investment.

Most popular modes of connectivity within the city are metro, buses, taxis, autos, and rickshaws. This mega city is connected with different states of India by NH44, 2, 48, 9 and 24 National Highways.

A lot of medical tourists flock to India for treating majority of medical problems, reason why our country has top eye specialists. Lower cost of treatments and surgeries offer a competitive advantage and growth of hospitals offering world class facilities is certainly going to make India a giant in health sector in years to come. Delhi being the capital city of India, it has many super specialty eye hospitals offering advanced and best facilities, Centre for Sight being one of them. Experienced eye doctors who are specialists in their chosen field along with excellent medical staff makes it one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi-NCR.

Centre for Sight also offers whole range of ophthalmic services right from eye checkup to Blade Free Cataract Surgery, Smile Laser Surgery and several other treatments under one roof. Several eye problems like dry eyes, eyelid problems, conjunctivitis, low vision, temporal problems, retinal disorders, cataract and tearing occur in different age groups which require utmost attention to avoid further complications. Regular eye check-up is the key to detect all such issues in its early stages in order to preserve healthy vision. Every eye is unique; we therefore provide unmatched eye care through a strong service oriented team so that people can be free from preventable and curable blindness.

Centre for Sight has experienced surgeons and healthcare professionals in Gurgaon, Delhi, Jaipur, Faridabad and all other Centres, who performs procedures such as LASIK Eye surgery, Cataract Treatment, Robotic Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma Treatment, specs removal operation, Keratoconus Treatment and many others in India. When it comes to efficient and advanced laser eye surgery hospitals, Centre for Sight is a name to reckon. Along with the sophisticated eye treatment facilities, Centre for Sight also has an eye bank in Delhi. If you are looking for LASIK operation in Gurgaon, then visit CFS, Gurgaon for all your queries and issues.