Asst. Manager / Manager - Operations

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Job Description

Job Title:Asst. Manager / Manager - Operations



Responsible For

Job Description
Designation: Asst. Manager / Manager - Operations
Quality Related:
1. To Check for the completion of all the registers maintained in Counseling, Lab and Operation Theatre
2. To Check all documentation regarding infection control with Infection control Coordinator
3. All OT culture reports to be communicated to Infection control coordinator

IPD & Counseling Coordination:
1. To ensure that all the patient files are prepared one day before the surgery with all the required documents attached in it.
2. To ensure that the OT list is prepared on time (latest by 5:00 PM one day prior to the surgeries)
3. To check whether all the surgery patients along with the treating surgeon and anesthetist are informed  about the Surgery timings latest by 5:00 PM
4. To ensure proper follow-up of re-scheduled and cancelled surgeries.
5. To update any faults done at OT floor in the complaint register kept at the OT Floor.
6. To coordinate for any blocks depending on the Doctor OT schedule
7. To counter check the OT list from I-care regarding correct eye, Lens and its package details
8.To check for the daily completion of patient IPD file with all the documents as mentioned in the MRD checklist form
9. Checking for the completion of OT notes / surgical safety checklist in the patient file
10. To Daily counter check and sign the MRD Register kept with the MRD person.
Patient Handling in OPD:
1. To ensure that the patients are properly handled over by the PCCs
2. To ensure that the international patients are taken care of
3. To ensure that blocks have been put in the OPD & OT depending upon the doctors availability in centre

1. Handling & Maintaining Inventory
2. MIS reporting to Central Stores.
3.Preparing & Sending monthly requisitions to Central Stores
4. Keeping track – damages/expiry/return to vendors etc.


Admin & HR Related
1.Managing technical, clerical, administrative & clinical staff
2.Monitoring the leaves & attendance of the staff
3.Ensure that the company’s Code of conduct is followed & discipline is maintained in the centre
4.Grievance handling

Maintenance & Centre up-keep
1. Ensure the House Keeping, and other administration related activities e.g. AC/generator/electrical/water etc.

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