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With advanced laser procedures for cataract and vision correction treatment, Centre for Sight now makes it even more simpler and easier for you to go for it.

The next generation technology in the hands of our specialists at affordable rates ensures we live up to our commitment of "Every eye deserves the best."

Robotic Blade-free Laser Cataract Surgery Clearing Clouded vision

  • Blade-Free Cataract Surgery
  • Working of laser takes about 30-40 seconds only
  • Greater precision & safety
  • Critical steps of surgery are fully automated
  • Reduces phaco energy
  • Better visual outcome with quicker recovery*

Robotic precision SMILE for a glasses-free life

  • Small incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) is a step superior to Femto LASIK
  • Bladeless. Flapless. All Laser
  • No flap, so no risk of flap related complications
  • Less dry eye
  • Better comeal biomechanics
  • More precision and stability*