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Eye Hospitals in Telangana

  • Vijayawada - Gaayathri Eye Hospital Eye Hospital

    Vijayawada - Gaayathri Eye Hospital

    Ph.: 08464977766

    Email: infovijayawada@centreforsight.net

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  • Eye Hospital in Kankarbagh Patna

    Patna - Kankarbagh

    Ph.: 098711 75513

    Email: infopatna@centreforsight.net

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  • Ashok Vihar Eye Hospital

    Ashok Vihar

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infoashokvihar@centreforsight.net

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  • Dwarka - Eye Institute Eye Hospital

    Dwarka - Eye Institute

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infodwarka@centreforsight.net

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  • Faridabad Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infofaridabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Ghaziabad-Indirapuram Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 7428582470

    Email: infiondirapuram@centreforsight.net

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  • Gurgaon - New Railway Road Eye Hospital

    Gurgaon - New Railway Road

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infogurgaon1@centreforsight.net

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  • Gurgaon - Sector 29 Eye Hospital

    Gurgaon - Sector 29

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infogurgaon@centreforsight.net

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  • Okhla Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infookhla@centreforsight.net

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  • Preet Vihar Eye Hospital

    Preet Vihar

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infopreetvihar@centreforsight.net

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  • Rajouri Garden Eye Hospital

    Rajouri Garden

    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: inforajouri@centreforsight.net

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  • Rohini Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: inforohini@centreforsight.net

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  • Safdarjung Enclave  Eye Hospital

    Safdarjung Enclave

    Ph.: 011-45738888

    Email: info@centreforsight.net

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  • Vikaspuri Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 011-42504250

    Email: infovikaspuri@centreforsight.net

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  • Ahmedabad - Navrangpura Eye Hospital

    Ahmedabad - Navrangpura

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infoahmedabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Vadodara Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Vadodara

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infovadodara@centreforsight.net

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  • Centre For Sight ( Sapna Sangeeta )  Eye Hospital

    Centre For Sight ( Sapna Sangeeta )

    Ph.: 0731-4089877

    Email: info.indore.ss@centreforsight.net

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  • Indore - Vijay Nagar Eye Hospital

    Indore - Vijay Nagar

    Ph.: 18001200477

    Email: infoindore@centreforsight.net

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  • Ahmedabad - Gulbai Tekra Eye Hospital

    Ahmedabad - Gulbai Tekra

    Email: ahmedabad@newvisionindia.com

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  • Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada Eye Hospital

    Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada

    Ph.: 084649 77766

    Email: infovijayawada@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Bhavnagar Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Bhavnagar

    Ph.: 0278-2565541/42

    Email: infobhavnagar@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Jamnagar Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Jamnagar

    Ph.: 0288-2665567

    Email: infojamnagar@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Rajkot Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Rajkot

    Ph.: 0281-2240241/39

    Email: inforajkot@centreforsight.net

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  • Gujarat - Surat Eye Hospital

    Gujarat - Surat

    Ph.: 0261-2792222

    Email: samir.shah@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Basheerbagh Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Basheerbagh

    Ph.: 8688881878

    Email: hyderabad@newvisionindia.com

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  • Maharashtra - Mumbai Eye Hospital

    Maharashtra - Mumbai

    Ph.: 022-26283610/13/17

    Email: mumbai@newvisionindia.com

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  • Vadodara - Akota Eye Hospital

    Vadodara - Akota

    Ph.: 9574324555

    Email: samir.shah@centreforsight.net

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  • Ajmer Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 0145 – 2442000, 2442888.

    Email: infoajmer@centreforsight.net

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  • Jaipur - Malviya Nagar Eye Hospital

    Jaipur - Malviya Nagar

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infojaipur@centreforsight.net

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  • Jaipur - Vaishali Nagar Eye Hospital

    Jaipur - Vaishali Nagar

    Ph.: 1800-1200-477

    Email: infojaipur2@centreforsight.net

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  • Jodhpur Eye Hospital


    Ph.: 0291-2613340

    Email: infojodhpur@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Banjara Hills Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Banjara Hills

    Ph.: +91-8500652020, +91-9849710066, 1800-1200-477

    Email: infohyderabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Kukatpally Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Kukatpally

    Ph.: +91-9849455744, 1800 1200 477

    Email: infohyderabad2@centreforsight.net

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  • Hyderabad - Nampally Eye Hospital

    Hyderabad - Nampally

    Ph.: 040-23236666, 9849597789, 7207040566

    Email: infohyderabad4@centreforsight.net

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  • Agra - Ashoka Plaza Eye Hospital

    Agra - Ashoka Plaza

    Ph.: 7060411166, 0562-4008892

    Email: infoagra2@centreforsight.net

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  • Meerut - E K Road Eye Hospital

    Meerut - E K Road

    Ph.: 9927007094

    Email: infomeerut@centreforsight.net

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  • Moradabad - Chowk Tarikhana Eye Hospital

    Moradabad - Chowk Tarikhana

    Ph.: 0591-2321641

    Email: infomoradabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Moradabad - Kanth Road Eye Hospital

    Moradabad - Kanth Road

    Ph.: 0591-2452409, 0591-2452407
    0591-2452406, 7460050182

    Email: infomoradabad@centreforsight.net

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  • Kolkata - AJC Bose Road Eye Hospital

    Kolkata - AJC Bose Road

    Ph.: 033-66306630

    Email: infokolkata.ajc@centreforsight.net

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  • Eye Hospital in Madhyamgram Kolkata

    Kolkata - Madhyamgram

    Ph.: 033-66776677

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Centre for Sight Hyderabad is a renowned ophthalmology facility that has been delivering best-in-class eye care services to the population of Hyderabad for many years now. The highly trusted surgeons and ophthalmologists here have catered to the visual needs of more than 3,50,000 people until now.

The dedicated diagnosis and treatment services of the four hospitals - Banjara Hills, Kukatpally, Nampally, Basheerbagh, have restored the vision of several lives under the supervision and expertise of Dr Santosh. Our patrons and patients have been a constant pillar of support who have helped us in pursuing our goal of giving people the care that their eyes deserve.

LASIK & SMILE in Hyderabad

All four of our hospitals in Hyderabad specialize in providing the patients with the most advanced surgeries to lead specs-free life - LASIK Refractive Surgery & SMILE. Both procedures follow the best quality standards and immediate results.

LASIK Refractive Surgery treats refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism to help people get a clearer vision. Therefore, forever making them free of contact lenses or prescription glasses. Their procedure requires the creation of the corneal flap.

On the other hand, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction i.e. SMILE utilizes only one laser femtosecond to create 2-4 millimetres long incision eliminating the need of corneal flap creation. This minimally invasive procedure is currently the best one available for blade-free vision correction.

Trusted Hospital for All Vision Problems

The top ophthalmologists, surgeons, paramedic staff, and best diagnostic & treatment facilities come together under these 4 roofs to give you the eye care you truly deserve. We take true pleasure in saying that families here have trusted us with the care of their and their loved one's eyes against vision-threatening conditions like Cataract, Glaucoma, Keratoconus, Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Macular Degeneration, Retinal Detachment, Uveitis, and Corneal Transplant.

Dr Mahipal S. Sachdev founded Centre for Sight and with his sturdy team of professionals has a vision of providing the people of Hyderabad with most advanced vision care at economical cost.

Caring for your little one’s eyes

The Centre for Sight hospitals in Hyderabad understands that a child’s eyes need a more delicate level of care and service than that compared to the adults. That’s why our best pediatric ophthalmologists attend children’s visual needs with great precision. The finest infrastructure is available in these four hospitals to go a step further. The compassionate doctors take charge from checkup and until treatment make sure that your child is able to see clearly. Our professional integrity and latest modern technology enable us to provide your beloved children with the eye care they deserve.

Hyderabad & Centre For Sight Locations

Hyderabad is Telangana’s most populous city and yet south-central India’s urban centre. It has many upscale shops & restaurants to cater to its residents. Once Qutub Shahi’s diamond trading centre, it boasts of historic sites like Golconda Fort and a 16-century mosque Charminar.

The city has become a trade and commerce hub plus information technology (IT) international centre. Textiles and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, IT service activities, and tourism are the primary contributors to the rising economy of this city. Telangana’s capital is also known for the Tollywood industry here i.e. Telugu-language films.

It is well-connected to the metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai via rail & air commute. Currently, the work on three light-rail lines is going on the city to add to the transport convenience of the city. The best colleges of the city are the University of Madras, Osmania University and the University of Hyderabad. A famous agricultural university and many non-government institutions (one of them being the American Studies Research Centre) also contribute to the education of the youngsters here.

Several private and public cultural organizations of drama, fine arts and literature function in the city. The most famous venue for the gratification of any cultural inclination here is Ravindra Bharati. The Salar Jung Museum protects and exhibits the rare furniture, paintings, jewellery and jade from the time of Nizams.

Recreational facilities of the city include public gardens, parks, large parade grounds, zoological gardens and botanical gardens. All these are good picnic spot and give families ample of greenery and space for relaxation and happy weekends. It also has a famous racecourse.

After being in this city for a few years, Centre for Sight expanded its presence to reach to the people living in the central and north zone of Hyderabad. The list of the areas that we operate in is as follows.

Centre for Sight, Eye Hospital in Banjara Hills (Central Zone)

This central zone of Hyderabad homes upscales neighbourhoods with sprawling endless venues of dining and entertainment. Amongst all these areas, Banjara Hills is considered as the urban commercial centre of the city. Earlier, it was one of the least inhabited. Just a few nizam’s royal members lived there. Now, it is the costliest zip code of India. Nearby there is a Banjara Lake. Most well-known hotels here are Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara and Taj Deccan. The malls Zing Design, Alcazar, Ohri’s, Midtown. City Center and GVK One add to the glamour quotient of this area. Along with all these big names, Jalagam Vengal Rao Park also gives this locality its own charm.

The Centre for Sight hospital addresses the visual concerns of the residents here and makes sure that their eyes can enjoy the wonders of life to the fullest. Families living here have come to rely on our ophthalmologists and surgeons for guaranteed healthy 20/20 vision.

Our centre is easy-to-find and available at your services on just a single appointment book via telephone or website.

Centre for Sight, Eye Hospital in Basheerbagh (South Central Zone)

Proximity to the poshest areas of the central zone of Hyderabad makes Basheerbagh an important city centre. On the periphery of Hussain Sagar Lake, it also has the Bashir Bagh Palace on its ground. Numerous jewellery shops and endless shopping malls do business here while renowned movie theatres keep the residents entertained. Imminent government office buildings like AP Tourism Office, Ayakar Bhawan, Central Excise & Customs Office etc are also located here. It is also a sports hub for Hyderabad people. Multipurpose L.B Stadium here is used for athletics and football. This stadium has also hosted many international cricket matches.

Bus connectivity helps this central area stay connected to all other parts of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. Most common forms of transport here are taxis and autos. Nearest train station being Nampally that falls just one kilometre away for this area.

Amidst such commercial activities, the Centre for Sight hospital of Basheerbagh has succeeded in helping people maintain their vision against computer vision syndrome. The world-renowned surgeons have also by far freed many lives from spectacles with the advanced surgery options of LASIK and SMILE. If residing in this same area and want to get rid of spectacles too, know more. Once booked an appointment with us for a checkup, you can easily find us on google maps.

Centre for Sight, Eye Hospital in Nampally (Central Zone)

Nampally, Hyderabad’s Inner City, got its name from Nekh-Nam-Khan - a Persian Diwan. This area is even a Mandal. Largest landmark here being Hyderabad Deccan Station a.k.a Nampally Railway Station.

This locality is connected by TSRTC buses, rail and roads. Seven-seaters, taxis and autos take to everywhere in Hyderabad. While the railway station here provides direct connectivity with other parts within the state as well as the country.

Few of the Nampally most famous landmarks being Jubilee Hall, Nampally Sarai, Numaish (Exhibition Grounds), Telangana Board of Intermediate Education, Moazzam Jahi Market, Public Gardens, Dargah Yousufain, Telangana State Archaeology Museum, and Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics.

The Centre for Sight hospital at Nampally has been rendering its services to the good people of this area for some years now. Families have been treated to its compassionate and thorough approach towards the treatment of cataract, glaucoma, retina & uvea diseases and for ocular oncology and oculoplasty. Acquisition of the latest technology for all these treatments and our team of highly qualified doctors have only helped this hospital build more goodwill over the years.

Centre for Sight, Eye Hospital in Kukatpally (North Zone)

Popular for its eateries and clothing, Kukatpally is one of Hyderabad’s busiest business hubs. This area was primarily an industrial corridor. However with the presence of Kukatpally Housing Board and Mumbai National Highway here now, both retail and commercial activities are booming. Small scale industries are thriving on its soil too.

NRIs & IT people prefer settling in this locality due to its nearness to Hitech city. The current population density here is of a magnanimous 33,076 individuals per km². Before its merger into ‘Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’, Kukatpally was a municipality.

Centre for Sight hospital in this area has been committed to giving the best eye care to its residents. With the state-of-the-art treatment & diagnosis equipment, our expert surgeons are available to address every eye problem here you have. Our main specializations lie in LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, retina & uvea services and cornea services. You can expect only the best of the best services for your eyes. Once booked an appointment with us, you can find us easily on google maps.

Centre for Sight Hyderabad is one of the best Eye Hospital continuously working towards independence from spectacles in the younger age group to utilizing progressive lenses in cataract surgery for older age group. CFS takes your eyes very seriously and is committed to making each process right from diagnosis to treatment as comfortable as possible. It’s now easy to have Laser Eye treatment in Hyderabad and achieve a sharper vision with our trusted team of doctors. Laser eye operation is one of the refractive surgeries that can help in reducing the dependence on contact lenses or glasses. LASIK eye surgery is used for the correction of astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia.

It has been observed that around half of the population has a vision problem which is now easy to correct, all thanks to medical advances. Under the guidance of experienced and expert eye care specialists, it is now possible to achieve a sharper vision through specs removal operation. CFS also specializes in Retinoplasty surgery, which is one of the major causes of blindness among the working population. CFS is one of the trusted eye hospitals for customized cataract surgery. Centre for Sight is constantly upgrading facilities to stay at par with the best and to provide patients with quality care.