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Centre for Sight is one of the leading groups of eye hospitals. Through dedication, professionalism and perseverance, we are confident of achieving our goal of bringing quality eye care to all the people across India.

Likewise, our eye hospital in Meerut strives to provide personalized care to all the patients. From basic diagnostic and therapeutic treatment to complex operative procedures, everything is carried out under one roof with the help of our expert eye specialists.

Our eye care hospital located at EK Road in Meerut offers a host of specialities like:

Cataract Eye Surgery

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of your eye that impairs vision. Centre for Sight is well equipped for treatment of cataract. Take advantage of Robotic Femtosecond laser, the world’s first laser-automated technology for cataract surgery at Centre for Sight Meerut.

Why Choose Robotic Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Femtosecond Laser technology is an advanced technology for cataract surgery available throughout the world. It has significantly automated the complicated steps of cataract surgery.

  • Blade free, laser-assisted procedure
  • The actual working of the laser takes less than 1 minute
  • Capsular opening, fragmentation of cataract with laser corneal incisions are fully automated to deliver precise cuts and is more accurate than manual blade incision
  • Reduces phaco energy
  • Enables Astigmatism correction at the time of cataract surgery
  • Greater safety, precision accuracy
  • A better visual outcome with quicker recovery

Glaucoma Treatment

The damage done by glaucoma cannot be reversed. However, timely intervention can prevent further progress of this malady. We aim to preserve the remaining vision of the patient by lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) so that no more damage can take place. With a panel of experienced glaucoma specialists, Centre for Sight is a destination for treatment of glaucoma in Meerut.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Do you also spend hours working on a computer? Do you spend too much time staring at digital screens? Do you occasionally suffer from eye strain, blurred vision, watery eyes, stiff neck, and shoulder pain? If yes, then you might be suffering from computer vision syndrome (CVS). Centre for Sight provides you with an end-to-end treatment for this eye condition. Reach us, if you have any of these symptoms and get rid of this condition timely.

Lasik and Refractive Surgery

We understand your desire to lead a spectacle-free life. Hence we offer Lasik eye surgery, which gives a sharper and clearer vision and eliminates your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. We have got the best Lasik and refractive specialists at our eye hospital. Thousands of satisfied patients have availed the advanced blade-free Lasik treatment at Centre for Sight Meerut.

People often enquire about ‘Lasik laser eye surgery cost in Meerut’, while searching for the best treatment options in the city. But with Centre for Sight in your city, you have got all your queries resolved.

Retina and Uvea Services

The most significant complication of diabetes in eyes is diabetic retinopathy. Equipped with the latest technology and vast surgical experience, we offer comprehensive medical and surgical management of complex vitreoretinal diseases with the best possible outcomes.

Apart from this, we also treat retinal detachment, a grave eye condition that requires prompt action. Our eye specialists also provide treatment for uveitis, a form of eye inflammation which affects the middle layer of the eye called the uvea.

We thank you for placing your trust in us and look forward to helping you always. Reach us by filling up the form below. Well get back to you at the earliest.

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