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Eye Hospital in Okhla

Eyes enable us to see and understand the world that we live in and they are one of the most important sensory organs that we possess. Therefore, it becomes a task of paramount importance to take proper care of them in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Centre for Sight eye care center in Okhla (Delhi) is dedicated to providing the best ophthalmology care to people suffering from every vision problem.

With the team of expert doctors guided by the vision of Dr Harish and usage of the latest technology, we ensure a comfortable and thorough treatment for every patient at our center. By ensuring that the best ophthalmology practices and methods are followed at the eye care center, this hospital aims to create the best treatment experience for every patient. This eye care center specializes in Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma Treatment services.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts refer to the clouding of the lens that is located inside the eye, which leads to blurred vision or loss of vision. The disease normally starts to show up with age and even though a lot of older people suffer from this problem, the disease can also affect people who are younger. It is mostly caused because of changes undergone by the tissues of the lens inside the eye due to the natural aging process or injury to the eye but there can be other causes too such as the use of steroids for a prolonged period, medical conditions like diabetes, past surgeries, and other eye conditions.

The growth of cataracts can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle and in certain stages, it can also be managed by wearing spectacles. Early symptoms of the disease include blurred vision, glare, and sensitivity to lights but as the disease gets worse, the patient progressively starts to lose vision until it gets to a point where the only solution that remains for the patient is surgery.

While cataracts can seem very frightening and cause significant loss of vision, modern cataract surgery can successfully remove them and restore the vision that is lost to the disease in a way that is painless and quick for the patient. During cataract surgery, the clouded lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one, which allows the patient to see clearly again. The process in which the malfunctioning lens is removed is known as phacoemulsification.

Cataract surgeries usually get completed quickly and finish in about fifteen minutes but the patient should expect to stay at the treatment center for a bit longer for post-surgery and pre-surgery activities. Due to the use of advanced technology, cataract surgeries these days are very safe and highly successful. The doctors at eye center in Okhla ensure that every cataract surgery is executed with utmost efficiency while ensuring the most comfortable experience for every patient by following the best practices and using the latest technology.

Glaucoma Treatment

Often known as the “silent thief of sight”, glaucoma often shows no symptoms until the disease has progressed to a point where the vision of the patient is lost to a significant extent. The disease is often caused by a buildup of fluid in the eye known as aqueous humor. Normally, the fluid is drained through channels present in the eye but these channels can be blocked, which leads to buildup. It is still up to debate what causes this blockage.

Treatment of glaucoma includes surgery, medication or laser depending on the severity of the disease. During the early stages of the disease, it is often advised to treat it with eye drops. However, since it is a painless disease, many people often forget to take their eye drops which leads to further deterioration of their vision. It is important to take a complete eye exam every 1-2 years if above 40 years old and have a family history of glaucoma. Some ways to prevent the onset of glaucoma includes living a healthy lifestyle with a lot of physical exercises, abstaining from smoking, and maintaining a healthy diet.

The doctors at Okla centre (Delhi) have the experience required to deal with patients suffering from all stages of glaucoma and work hard to find the best treatment solutions which are efficient and effective. This center also houses newer ways to tackle Glaucoma like the insertion of a glaucoma filtration device, new types of valves and vitreoretinal techniques. These advanced methods make this center one of the best options in Delhi for eye care.

Retina & Uvea Services

The health of retina and uvea play a vital role in the proper functioning of human vision. The light-sensitive layer at the back of the eyeball between brain and eye acting as a transmitter is called retina, while the eye’s pigmented middle layer lying behind the cornea is known as uvea. If any of them faces any problem, the patient suffers from visual disturbances. These problems can even make the patient go blind.

The Centre for Sight Okhla (Delhi) hospital’s best specialists put 24X7 of hard work and apply their expertise to manage the vision-threatening retina & uvea diseases like diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and Uveitis. The high-end technologies housed in the avant-garde infrastructure of Okhla hospital both diagnose and manage these conditions, in adults as well as infants.

Your hunt for professional, state-of-the-art eye care in Delhi ends here with Centre for Sight, Okhla. Eye care in CFS is delivered by some of the most experienced and skilled specialists and surgeons. One of the best hospitals for glaucoma treatment, CFS provides affordable treatment with the help of advanced technology and medications. Glaucoma if not treated on time might lead to permanent loss of vision as the optic nerve gets damaged over a period of time. Custom made treatments with periodic assessments and specialized care by our best Glaucoma specialist in Delhi ensures positive results.

Okhla Eye Hospital

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