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Eye Hospital in Hyderabad - Basheerbagh

In order to live a happy and fulfilled life, it is vital to take care of your eyes as they are the window through which you see the world.

At our eye care center in Basheerbagh (Hyderabad), you can trust us to take care of your vision and provide you with the best care for all your eyesight related needs.

With our expert team of doctors and use of advanced technology, you can feel assured that your eyes will get the best treatment that they deserve. By focusing on providing our patients with delicate, professional and a holistic approach to ophthalmology, our eye care center at Basheerbagh is dedicated at becoming one of the best eye care centers in the country.

This centre specializes in LASIK surgery services and treating Computer Vision Syndrome.

LASIK Surgery

For people who have to wear glasses or contact lenses every day, LASIK surgery is one of the best options to restore their vision back to normal, one which allows them to live the rest of their lives without being chained to spectacles or contact lenses.

LASIK surgery is also known as laser vision correction and is used to correct the following problems related to vision and eyesight - nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism (uneven focus on the retina).

There are many types of LASIK surgeries that can be performed but all of them involve reshaping the cornea (the transparent part of the eye that covers the pupil) in a way that allows the light entering the eye to be properly focused on the retina that placed in the back of the eye.

Normally, the rays of light that enter your eyes bend when they enter the cornea and an improper cornea can disrupt this normal function and cause problems in your eyes making it unable to focus properly. This is then corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. However, a LASIK surgery can provide a long-lasting solution instead of making you rely on external aids to see clearly. It provides an option for people to recover their natural vision in a way that is almost painless, fast, and safe.

If you are thinking of getting a LASIK surgery done to fix your vision, our eye center in Basheerbagh is an excellent option. With an expert team of doctors at your service, our center specializes in everything LASIK and ensures that your surgery would be free of any hassle and restores your vision so that you can look at this beautiful world without relying on your glasses or contact lenses ever again.

Computer Vision Syndrome

For most people in the world, the majority of the day is spent looking at some kind of digital screen. It can be the screen of the computer at your work or the screen of your cell phone late at night. Our eyes are constantly being strained which causes a lot of problems and can be collectively described as Computer Vision Syndrome. A few symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome are blurred vision, dry eyes, eye irritation, headaches, and pain in the neck or back.

These problems are caused because of the way our eyes interact with the screen. When working on our computers, our eyes are constantly focusing and refocusing on the screen as to read properly. Our eyes also react whenever we watch videos on a screen to help our brain process the information.

All these activities put more strain on the muscles of our eyes leading to vision problems. Even though Computer Vision Syndrome usually shows up in older people, it can also affect children and kids in the modern world of cellphones and video games.

There are some methods to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome such as using proper lighting, using an upgraded display which decreases the stress on your eyes and use the correct settings on your computer in the context of brightness, the size of the text, contrast, and color temperature.

Our eye center in Hyderabad is staffed with expert doctors who can help you fight the problems you may face due to Computer Vision Syndrome. By focusing on the best practices and methods of providing care to patients who suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, we ensure that our patients do not succumb to Computer Vision Syndrome and their eyesight isn’t affected due to their work or play.

To lead a well lifestyle, good care and regular visits to an ophthalmologist is a must. Centre for Sight has an eye care center in Hyderabad. Our eye hospital in Hyderabad offers specs removal operations in Hyderabad, LASIK eye operation in Hyderabad, LASIK surgery in Hyderabad, Laser treatment in Hyderabad etc. This eye hospital houses experienced team of eye doctors and support staff.

If you are looking for services as LASIK operation in Hyderabad, Blade Free LASIK eye surgery in Hyderabad or cataract surgery in Hyderabad then this hospital is the answer to all your needs. Our team of doctors and advanced technology will make all the procedures hassle free.

To maintain healthy lifestyle regular visits to your family doctor is a necessity. As we all know, the gift of sight is a gift to cherish, therefore eye care is very crucial. Centre for Sight Indore offers latest Lasik treatment hospital in Indore offers specs removal operation in Indore, Lasik surgery in Indore, Laser eye operation in Indore etc.

If you are looking for services like Lasik operation in Indore and cataract surgery, then our hospital is the answer to all your needs. Our team of doctors and advanced technology will make all the procedures hassle free.

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Hyderabad - Basheerbagh Eye Hospital

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