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Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad - Navrangpura

Centre for Sight eye care hospital has successfully established and emerged out as one of the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad. Offering computerized eye examination with the aid of latest equipment and having a team of best eye specialist in Ahmedabad.

Our experienced doctors perform a total evaluation of the eye problem by doing a microscopic examination. Eye specialist in Ahmedabad at Centre for Sight hospital guides the patients about the cost of the surgery, procedures that will be followed during the surgery, precautions to be taken after surgery.

LASIK surgery is a gift for people who suffer from low vision defects and complexities and are bound to use spectacles and contact lenses for an enhanced and corrected vision. Centre for Sight feels pride in serving its patient who are having vision problems and other eye related problems and disorder.

Centre for Sight eye care hospital in Ahmedabad offer LASIK surgery, SMILE surgery and bladeless LASIK surgery. Smile laser surgery is the latest 3rd generation laser eye surgery technique which is safer and more precise than any other Lasik. Advantages of Smile laser surgery is that it is 100% blade free procedure, Flap free and all laser which leads to the benefits – Rapid healing and less dry eye, no creation of flap- no risk of displacement. This treatment is available in only a few eye hospitals in Ahmedabad.

Eye specialist in Ahmedabad at Centre for Sight eye care hospital has been performing this advanced surgery for its patients from years with 100% success rate. This is the reason that Centre for Sight is considered as one of the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad,

Centre for Sight eye care hospital employs eye care specialists who are highly trained and experienced in performing all types of Specs removal procedures such as LASIK surgery and bladeless Lasik surgery.

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Ahmedabad - Navrangpura Eye Hospital

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ABC-1 (Amarnath Business Centre), Opp. Wagh Bakri Lounge, Nr. St. Xavier's College Corner, Off C.G. Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

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    Dr. Nikhil Prajapati

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