Dr. Tarun Arora

Dr. Tarun Arora
16+ Years of Experience
Appointment with Dr. Tarun Arora

Specialties of Dr. Tarun Arora

SMILE Eye Surgery
LASIK & Refractive Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Glaucoma Treatment
Computer Vision Syndrome

Qualification of Dr. Tarun Arora

-    MBBS
-    DNB
-    MNAMS

Experience of Dr. Tarun Arora

Having worked as a Junior resident doctor in Ophthalmology Department at ESI hospital, Basidarapur and Batra Hospital, he joined his post graduate training in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and completed it in 2004. Thereafter he worked as senior resident in Attar Sain Jain Eye Hospital under Delhi government. He has done certified Lasik training under guidance of Dr. Rupal Shah in 2010. For the past 10 years, as senior consultant in Centre for Sight group of eye hospitals, he has been treating patients compassionately, as a cataract, refractive surgery, and glaucoma expert. Having done more than 15000 phacoemulsification procedures and more than 2000 refractive surgeries which includes customized Lasik, I-Lasik, PRK, ICL and RELEX SMILE. He has a vast experience in managing difficult surgeries successfully

Research and Designation held of Dr. Tarun Arora

Unusual case of posterior cranial fossa subarachnoid cyst presenting as unilateral exophthalmos. Sonia Bhargav, Tarun Arora. E-poster presented at Annual Conference of Delhi Ophthalmological Society, 2017 at New Delhi
Lower lid sebaceous cell carcinoma; A case report. Sonia Bhargav, Tarun Arora. (E poster, Delhi Ophthalmologic Society Annual conference, 2018)
Indexed Publications---
Comparative study of meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye in post cataract surgery patients treated with prednisolone and moxifloxacin combination eye drops compared with dexamethasone and moxifloxacin combination eye drops. Sonia Bhargav, Tarun Arora. Indian J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2020;6(1):50-56
Efficacy of lid wipes in reducing the incidence of meibomian gland dysfunction in post cataract surgery patients. Sonia Bhargav, Tarun Arora (Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology)

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