Dr. Satendra Kumar Singh

Dr. Satedner Kumar Singh
Dr. Satendra Kumar Singh
7+ Years of Experience
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
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Specialties of Dr. Satendra Kumar Singh

Cataract Eye Surgery
Retina & Uvea Services
Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Disorders
Computer Vision Syndrome

Experience of Dr. Satendra Kumar Singh



Research and Designation Dr. Satendra Kumar Singh

1.) Thatte S, Sing S (2017) B Scan- An Innocent To The Dynamic Lock. J Ophthalmic Stud(1).

2.) Bhalla JA, Mehtani A, Gothwal, Y Singh SK. Ophthalmology Practice In The Era Of Covid-19 Pandemic. DOS Times 2020 An-feb; Vol25:18-24.

3.) Bhalla JS, Singh SK, Gothwal Y Et Al. Rcent Advances In Pharmacotherapy For Glaucoma Management. UP Journal Of Ophthalmology (July 2020).

4.) New Normal-tenets With Cataract Surgery Every Ophthalmologist Should Know During Covid-19 Pandemic. Available From Https://www. Eophtha. Com/posts/new-normal-tenets-with-cataract-surgery-every-ophthalmologist-should-know-during-covid-19-pandemic

5. ) Bhalla JS, Jain K, Kulkarni A, Singh S, Verma R, Mehtani A. Clinical Pearls For Glaucoma Management In Some Special Situations. DOS Times 26(4), January- February 2021, 43-47.

6.) Bhalla JS, Jain K, Kulkarni A, Singh S, Prakash T, Yadav N. UBM Imaging And Glaucoma. DOS Times 26(4), January- February 2021;48-57.

7.) Jain K, Farooqui NZ, Bhalla JS, Singh S, Verma R, Kulkarni A. Bilateral Simultaneous Loss Of Vision: A Clinical Dilemma. DOS Times- Volume 25(6), May June 2020:60-4.

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Satendra Kumar Singh


1.) 1st July 2011- Attended a Special course on oral cancer management and rehabilitation organized by Hogeschool, Utrecht, Holland 2.) 10th Apr 2016- Certificate for hands-on CME on Phacoemulsification (Indore Eye Hospital)

3.)21st -23rd Oct 2016- Certificate for poster presentation on topic “Control your ‘Lipids’ and ‘Sugars’ says the retina” presentation in 40th M.P State Conference

4.) 22nd Jul 2017- Certificate for case presentation on “Dry ARMD” (Indore Divisional Ophthalmology Society)

5.) 6th -11th Sept 2017- Certificate for paper presentation by ACOIN on “ The diagnostic role B Scan in Opaque Media”.


1.) Oct 2015- Ramesh Krishna Award for Best Poster in 39th M P State Conference

2.) Oct 2017- Dr. Kumud V Joshi Award for Best Paper in 41st M.P State Ophthalmic Society Conference

3.) 7th & 8th Oct 2017- 1st prize in P G Quiz conducted in 41st M P State Ophthalmic Society conference

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