Dr. Samarth Mishra

Dr. Samarth Mishra
Dr. Samarth Mishra
12+ Years of Experience
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
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Specialties of Dr. Samarth Mishra

Retina & Uvea Services

Experience of Dr. Samarth Mishra

- Dr. Samarth Mishra completed his M.B.B.S from M.K.C.G Medical College, Berhampur (2007-2013), following which he did his MS in Ophthalmology (2014-2017) from V.S.S Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR), Burla where he was the PG batch topper.

- During his residency, he did Zeiss basic ophthalmological trainig at LVPEI, Hyderabad.

- He was in the final round of academic achiever’s award (ERUDIO) conducted by Allergan all over India.

- In pursuit of academic excellence and to hone his surgical skills, he joined as a long term clinical VitreoRetinal fellow at the prestigious Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and thereafter got trained both at SN Kolkata and SN Chennai.

- There he developed interest in research activities, especially MultiColor imaging,on which he published various papers.

- He has cleared the basic, optics and clinical stages of International council of ophthalmology examinations (ICO, London).

- He worked as a vitreoretina consultant at Sankara Eye Hospital, Samarjhola, Odisha and was instrumental in taking the retina department to its full potential.

- In addition to being the head of the Vitreoretina department, he was also holding the responsibility of being the "Clinical head".

- Having a keen interest in research activities he has more than 25 papers to his credit in peer reviewed journals of national and international repute of which more than a dozen are Pubmed indexed.

- He is a member of European Society of Retina Specialists(ESRS),All India Ophthalmic Society(AIOS), Delhi Ophthalmological Society(DOS), YOSI, ACOIN and EIZOC.

- Outside of conventional and simple retinal surgeries he has a special interest in diabetic tractional retinal detachments, complicated VR surgeries, Macular hole surgeries, Different techniques of SFIOLs.

Research and Designation Dr. Samarth Mishra

1. Joel En Wei Koh, U. Raghavendra, Anjan Gudigar, Ooi Chui Ping, Filippo Molinari, Samarth Mishra, Sinnakaruppan Mathavan, Rajiv Raman, U.Rajendra Acharya; A novel hybrid approach for automated detection of retinal detachment using ultrasound images, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 120,2020, 103704

2. Saurabh K, Roy R, Goel S, Garg B, Mishra S. Validation of multicolor imaging signatures of central serous chorioretinopathy lesions vis-a-vis conventional color fundus photographs. Indian J Ophthalmol 2020;68:861-6.

3. Mishra S, Biswas J. Peripheral serpiginous like choroiditis: A unique and unheard entity. Indian J Ophthalmol 2020;68:911-2.

4.Mishra, S., Goel, S., Roy, S. S., Garg, B., Parvin, M., Saurabh, K., & Roy, R. (2019). imaging characteristics of refractile drusen. Indian journal of ophthalmology, 67(1), 128.

5.Mishra, S., Goel, S., Nangia, P., Senger, D., Shah, A. V., Saurabh, K., & Roy, R. (2019). Acute macular neuroretinopathy after blunt ocular trauma: A rare association. Indian journal of ophthalmology, 67(4), 566.

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8. Mishra S, Rishi E, George R. Cyclodialysis cleft following sutureless intraocular lens fixation by Yamane's technique and its management. Indian J Ophthalmol Case Rep 2021;1:271-3

9. Basu, T., Garg, B., Mishra, S., Goel, S., Roy, R., & Saurabh, K. (2019). Utility of multicolor optic disc photography in evaluation of glaucomatous optic disc in myopic eyes: A novel approach. Indian journal of ophthalmology, 67(3), 412.

10. Goel, S., Garg, B., Shah, A. V., Mishra, S., Saurabh, K., & Roy, R. (2019). Multicolor imaging in neovascularization of disc. Indian journal of ophthalmology, 67(3), 408-408.

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12. Saurabh, K., Roy, R., Mishra, S., Garg, B., & Goel, S. (2018). Multicolor imaging features of dissociated optic nerve fiber layer after internal limiting membrane peeling. Indian journal of ophthalmology, 66(12), 1853-1854.

13. Shah A, Senger D, Garg B, Mishra S, Goel S, Saurabh K, Roy R. Post cataract Pseudomonas stutzeri endophthalmitis: Report of a case and review of literature. Indian J Ophthalmol 2020;68:232-3

14. Multiple subretinal fluid blebs after successful scleral buckling surgery, ; Goel S, Mishra S, Saurabh K, Roy R. Digital Journal of Ophthalmology. Feb 7, 2022

15. Corneal Ulcer Following Prolonged Topicals Chloroquine Phosphate. Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology. Samarth Mishra, Sudeep Das. DJO 2018;28:42-43

16.Paper presentation; American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS), Los Angeles, July, 2019: Comparing short term effects and safety of ranibizumab-BIOSIMILAR and ranibizumab on vision and central foveal thickness in treatment naïve patients. Das S, Bhende P, Mishra S

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20. Mishra S. IgG4 RELATED OPHTHALMIC DISEASE: AN OVERVIEW. yjms [Internet]. 2016Dec.9.

21. Multicolor Imaging in Diabetic Retinopathy; Retina image bank

22.Multicolor Imaging of Bilateral Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion; Retina image bank

23.Multiple Retinal Cysts Associated With Chronic Retinal Detachment; Retina image bank

24.Retinal Detachment Sparing Fovea By Microns; Retina image bank

25.Descemet''s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK): The Thinner, The Better 2016-5 Prof. Dr Jayashree Dora, Dr Gopeswari Hota, Dr. Samarth Mishra Department of Ophthalmology, VSS Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMSAR), Odisha State Ophthalmological Society

26.Remember Me...2016-25 Dr Samarth Mishra, Department of ophthalmology, VSS Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR), Burla, Odisha State Ophthalmological Society

27. MultiColor Imaging of Multifocal Central Serous Retinopathy With Intraretinal Cyst, Samarth Mishra, Debmalya Das, Odisha Journal of Ophthalmology.

28. Penetrating Thorn Injury by Phoenix Dactylifera: Report of an Unusual Case and its management, Samarth Mishra, Pramod Sharma, Odisha Journal of Ophthalmology.

29. Topiramate induced vision loss; Deepika Khedia, Atish Pradhan, Samarth Mishra, Anand Aggarwal, Karamjit Singh, Odisha Journal of Ophthalmology.

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