Dr. Mrityunjay Singh

Dr. Mrityunjay Singh
5+ Years of Experience
Ajmer, Rajasthan
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Specialties of Dr. Mrityunjay Singh

Cataract Eye Surgery
Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Disorders
Retina & Uvea Services
Computer Vision Syndrome
Glaucoma Treatment

Experience of Dr. Mrityunjay Singh

V.M.M.C & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

H.I.M.S.R & H.A.H.Centenary Hospital, New Delhi

Research and Designation Dr. Mrityunjay Singh

- Consultant

- Singh M, Sethi HS, Gupta S, Duvesh RK, Naik M. Preoperative COVID-19 Testing for Elective Ophthalmological Procedure in a Tertiary Health Care Centre: Our Experience During the Pandemic. Clin Ophthalmic. 2021;15:3841-3845

-   Gupta S, Singh P, Singh M, Naik M, Srivastava K. Is Interferon α-2b 1 MillionIU/mL Truly Better Than Tacrolimus 0.03% for Steroid-Resistant VKC : Our 2-Year Experience at a Tertiary Health-Care Centre. Clinical Ophthalmic. 2021;15:2993-2999

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Dr. Mrityunjay Singh

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