Dr. Hitesh Bhalara

Dr. Hitesh Bhalara
8+ Years of Experience
Vadodara, Gujrat
Appointment with Dr. Hitesh Bhalara

Specialties of Dr. Hitesh Bhalara

Cataract Eye Surgery
LASIK and Refractive Surgery
Retina & Uvea Services

Experience of Dr. Hitesh Bhalara

Consultant Ophthalmologist at Jethwa Eye Hospital, Anand from Oct, 2014 to Feb, 2022

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Hitesh Bhalara

- Advanced Cataract Community Fellowship (Basic and Advanced Cataract Micro-Surgery), Date of Joining (1st June, 2014) - Date of Completion (31st July, 2014) Institution – Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

- Medical Retina Fellowship, Date of Joining (1st May, 2016) - Date of Completion (30th June, 2016) Institution – PBMA’s H.V Desai Eye Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

- FAICO (Fellow All India Collegium of Ophthalmology) In Refractive Surgery in February, 2018

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Dr. Hitesh Bhalara

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