Dr. Asha Samdani

Dr. Asha Samdani
3+ Years of Experience
Hyderabad, Telangana
Appointment with Dr. Asha Samdani

Specialties of Dr. Asha Samdani

Cataract Surgery
Pediatric Ophthalmology & Squint
Neuro Ophthalmology

Experience of Dr. Asha Samdani

Worked as Senior resident in department of Pediatric ophthalmology& strabismus, Oculoplasty, Ocular oncology and Neuro Ophthalmology Services at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences (AIIMS)

Sub specialty training under following consultants

  • Prof Pradeep Sharma (Pediatric ophthalmology, Strabismology and Neuro-ophthalmology services)
  • Professor Mandeep Bajaj and Professor Neelam Pushker
  • Professor Bhawna Chawla and Dr. Rachna Meel (Oculoplasty, Orbit, Oculofacial aesthetics and ocular oncology)

Research and Designation of Dr. Asha Samdani

-Ultra-wide field imaging of retinal haemangioma in retinitis pigmentosa. Clinical and Experimental Optometry. 2017 Jan

-Tarsal buckle with conjunctival prolapse following levator plication for unilateral congenital ptosis. Case Reports. 2018

-Gaur N, Samdani A, Meel R, Bajaj MS. Atypical presentation of IgG 4-related disease as an isolated inferior orbital mass. 2019

-Surprise of Behcet’s disease in a patient with bilateral disc oedema and the role of OCT. BMJ Case Reports CP. 2020

-Saluja G, Samdani A, Bhatia P. Importance of clinical tests in ocular myasthenia. BMJ Case Reports

-See-saw nystagmus in giant craniopharyngioma. BMJ Case Reports CP. 2020

-Chapter on Orbital tumors in Post graduate ophthalmology 2020 by Dr.Vanathi and DR. Zia Chaudhuri

-Chapter on congenital lid anomalies in Post graduate ophthalmology 2020 by Dr.Vanathi and DR. Zia Chaudhuri

-Chapter on ultrasonography and its use in ophthalmology in Ophthalmology Clinics 2020 by Dr. Prafulla Kumar Maharana

-Manuscript on DVD in SPOSI journal 2020

Awards and Recognition of Dr. Asha Samdani

Paper – To evaluate the agreement of intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements obtained by

Perkin’s tonometry and tonopen in congenital glaucoma patients’ in ICGS, 2015

• Challenging case: Importance of Culture sensitivity in a case of Sino-orbital Aspergillosis, 2018

• Visual assisted surgical training – Ptosis surgeries, AIIMS Plasty workshop, 2019

• E-Poster on Ig G4 masquerading as isolated orbital mass, OPAI 2019

• Co-author in free paper on ‘Contralateral quadrantanopia in traumatic globe luxation and its pathomechanism.’

• Physical poster in AIOS 2019- A case of over-corrected blepharoplasty and its management

• Talk on Life of a Senior Resident and how to make maximum out of it- Ifocus PG Teaching programme, 2020

• Mentor in Ophthalmic premier league, 2020

• Co-instructor in examination of various aspects in strabismus, I-focus 2020

• Presented various case scenarios in nystagmus and their management – AIIMS squint workshop, 2020

• Invited speaker on orbital aspergillosis in Oculoplasty X-Files 2020

• Invited speaker on surgery of large orbital tumor in International Oncology gala 2020 with Dr Carol Shields as panelist

• Invited speaker on intraoperative surprises in SPOSI 2020

• Invited speaker about adjustable surgeries in YOSI session, DOS 2020

• Assistant editor of Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, 2018 edition

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