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Your Mobile Phone is Causing Keratoconus


Dr Tulika
Dr Tulika
2 min read

The first thing that we all do after getting up in the morning is to check up our cell phone. Whether you’ve got an office job or not still we spend a lot of time in front of our digital screens. Modern LED Televisions, tablets and even mobile phones can lead to digital eye strain. But the problem is even more complex and not only limited to eye strain alone.

If you have any of the following symptoms then you definitely need to visit the doctor.

A headache
Tired, achy eyes
Neck or shoulder pain
Fluctuating or blurred vision
Dry eyes
It is implied indeed that mobile screens are damaging your eyes. One unknown damage can be Keratoconus which probably you are not aware of too. Due to the strain on the eyes from digital screens, we end up rubbing our eyes which can make the cornea thin. When the cornea becomes thin it tends to bulge out like a cone. It is hereditary too but still can happen over lifetime too due to thinning of the cornea.

Hence, it’s better to have regular checkups and get yourself examined for ruling out keratoconus. Try to take breaks in between while using any digital screen by following a 20-20-20 rule or any other comfortable exercise.