What a pellet does to the human eye?

Fri Oct 11 2019
What a pellet does to the human eye?

In recent years, so many young men, women, and children have been hit by pellets in Kashmir. Blame it on the political vehemence or rigid opinions, riots have taken a severe turn in the region. Can there be something more gruesome than eye pellet injury? Such injury causes major problems like visual impairment and even blindness. Good and reliable treatment is required for eye injuries. Did you know that a single cartridge has hundreds of pellets when fired? It disperses in various directions from one single point. The pellet can damage the soft tissues of the skin and the eye. When an eye gets hit by a pellet, it is similar to a tomato being pierced. The pellet tears through the tissue and pierces into the layers of the retina. When the retina gets damaged, the vision is hampered instantaneously. At times, even the cornea and lens get injured too. Return of vision is dependent on the kind of advanced surgery done and also, it depends on how severe is the injury. It is usually difficult to regain normal eyesight if pellets pierce through the eye from its centre. There could be situations where the injury is on the side of the eye, so there are chances that the vision can be restored. It is possible because the retina and optic nerves are still functioning. The severity level of these injured eyes is high and the injuries can cause problems like retinal hemorrhage and detachment, uveal prolapse, optic nerve contusion, and glaucoma. In addition, damaged eyes often have a tendency to develop a squint. Also addressed as strabismus, squint can cause double vision and amblyopia (lazy eye) among younger children. Eyes are delicate and any kind of injury can cause lifelong consequences. They require good treatment with the utmost accuracy. Centre for Sight offers expert medical treatment for different kinds of eye injuries. Similar to eye injuries, there are several eye issues that require timely treatment. CFS offers eye care treatment ranging from laser operation for eyes, cataract to Keratoconus treatment. Established two decades ago, Centre for Sight has turned out to be the most trusted organization that aims at making India a spectacle free nation. Some of the major specializations of CFS are:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma treatment
  • Lasik & refractive surgery
  • Oculoplasty & Facial Aesthetics
  • Cornea services
  • Retina & Uvea services
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology & Squint
CFS is the best eye hospital in India because of the seasoned team of doctors it is associated with. Highly experienced, the team has the credibility to treat complex eye injuries, diseases, and disorders. Having the most industry-leading technologies for treatment, the CFS team is always in a position to treat any eye ailment.
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In recent years, so many young men, women, and children have been hit by pellets in Kashmir. Blame it on the political vehemence or...
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