Toys to Avoid to Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe

Wed May 23 2018

A childhood without toys would be the most undesirable nightmare of any kid. All the same, a toy which can turn the fun time into danger can never be worthy of possession. A child’s eye is most prone to any injury or damage from a certain type of toys. Here is a list of some toys to avoid ensuring the safety of your kid’s eyes. Toy Guns – A toy gun of any sort, which is made to shoot certain projectile, must top this list. Even though they shoot only cushy – lightweight darts but these darts are flying out of the gun at high speed and can aim a distance of up to 70 feet. It is only better that you keep your children from the harm of accidentally taking a shot in their eye. Water guns & balloons – Well, who doesn’t like to play with them? However, it is important to consider that these play items can cause serious eye problems such as retinal detachment in case of accidental contact with the eye. Aerosol String – The string is made up of chemicals. These chemicals can lead to eye irritation and conjunctivitis. Thus, they must be kept away from toddlers. Wands, swords, and laser pointers – It is evident why swords and wands are a big no. Children can poke their or the playmate’s eyes with them. Moreover, pointing a laser into someone’s eye is as bad as inserting an object into them. It is only virtuous that you keep your children away from harming each other.

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